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October 22, 2012

IBPS CWE Clerks Banking Awareness Model Papers


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Friends, Here is the third practice paper of Banking Awareness for IBPS Clerks Online Exam. Before going to take this test just read the basic concepts of Banking Awareness Here. Hope this will help you preparing well for the upcoming IBPS Clerks Exam. All The Best :)
1.      Business Correspondents in banking are for:
a.     Lending money for the urban societies
b.     Serving the weaker sections of society
c.      Marketing the business ideas
d.     Collecting money from people
e.      Sharing money among the business groups

2.     KYC guidelines followed by banks  have been framed on the recommendations of the ...........
IBPS Clerks Mock Tests
a.     SBI
b.     SIDBI
c.      NABARD
d.     Reserve Bank of India
e.      Regional Rural Banks

3.     The process of conversion of money obtained illegally to appear to have originated from the legitimate sources is called as?
a.     Money laundering
b.     Money Investing
c.      Money Lending
d.     Money Borrowing
e.      Money Taking

4.     The minimum interest rate fixed by individual banks below which they cannot lend funds, except cases like governmentsponsored schemes is called as?
a.     Money Rate
b.     Base Rate
c.      Repo Rate
d.     Reverse Repo Rate
e.      Transaction Rate

5.     'Lasting Peace through Joint Global Governance' is the theme of which summit recently held in Teheran on 30-31 August 2012?
a.     NAM
b.     MAM
c.      DAM
d.     RAM
e.      SAM

6.     Which committee submitted the recommendations on customer service in Banks?
a.     L Narasimhan
b.     T Rangarajan
c.      CL Vishwanadhan
d.     M. Damodaran
e.      Raja Mohan

7.     Banks Punch lines are given. Pick up wrong one.
a.     Union Bank of India – Good People to Bank With
b.     HDFC – We understand your world
c.      Federal Bank – Your Perfect Banking Partner
d.     Bank of India – A tradition of Trust
e.      ICICI Bank – Hum hain na?

8.     How much percent of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in insurance and pension sector proposed to allow by the Finance Ministry on 22nd August 2012?
a.     49
b.     59
c.      63
d.     42
e.      85

9.     An Indian bank raised $ 500 million through Medium Term Notes (MTN) through its branch in Hong Kong on 14th August 2012. It is....
a.     Bank of Maharashtra
b.     Indian Overseas Bank
c.      State Bank of India
d.     Reserve Bank of India
e.      Allahabad Bank

10. A bill of Exchange drawn in a local language as per the custom of the place is called ________
a.     Hundi
b.     Locker
c.      Case
d.     Self
e.      Suitcase

11.   Banking sector falls under ________
a.     Money Sector
b.     Service Sector
c.      Lending Sector
d.     Transaction Sector
e.      Borrowing Sector

12. Which of the following countries is expected to become the 2nd largest producer of crude steel in the world by 2015 :
a.     Japan
b.     China
c.      Bhutan
d.     Denmark
e.      India

13.  Expand BRBNMPL_________
a.      Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Pvt Ltd
b.     Bharatiya Rojgar Bhutan Note Management Pvt Ltd
c.      Bhophal Remaining Bank Note Management Prasthan Ltd
d.     Bhutan Reserve Bank Naming Masters Pvt Ltd
e.      Bharativa Rojgar Bank Note Mantran Pvt Ltd
f.       Bharatiya Rupee Borrowing Natinal Measurement Pvt Ltd

14. Who among the following one is the Deputy Governor of RBI?
a.     Raghuram Rajan
b.     D. Subba Rao
c.      K. C. Chakrabarthy
d.     Akash Jain
e.      Utkarsh Srivatsav

15.  Which co-operative bank applied for the license with RBI to join the group of commercial banks on 12th June 2012?
a.     CHIPCO
b.     REPCO
c.      LIPCO
d.     TIPCO
e.      MAPCO

16. The second largest Public Sector bank in India is........
a.     Bank of Baroda
b.     Narmada Malwa Gramin Bank
c.      State Bank of India
d.     Allahabad Bank
e.      Andhra Bank

17.  '' is a ...
a.     Website of RBI to collect money from organizations
b.     Website of RBI to bring the awareness among the public about detection of fake currency notes
c.      Website of RBI to know the incomes of people
d.     Website of RBI to tell the people about the present rates of India
e.      Website of RBI to tell the people about the dollar to rupee conversion rates

18. Scheduled Bank means it is a bank....
a.     included in the second schedule of RBI Act, 1934
b.     included in the 9th  schedule of RBI Act, 1947
c.      included in the First  schedule of RBI Act, 1934
d.     included in the Third  schedule of RBI Act, 1984
e.      included in the Second  schedule of RBI Act, 1984

19. Punjab National Bank and Central Bank of India will jointly set up a bank in......
a.     Russia
b.     Mozambique
c.      Japan
d.     Narwey
e.      Beizing

20.                        RTGS stands for___________
a.      Rate Tage Gross Selection
b.     Real Time Gross Settlement
c.      Real Time Grade Selection
d.     Repeating Time and Grade Selection]
e.      Real Time Gradual Substraction

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  1. plz upload previous yr sbi IT officer paper..


  3. Hi madam...thanks a lot for ur excellent materials.Can u plz tell me whether we have GD round in our common interview phase of ibps cwe -2 clerks exam....if we r going to hav GD , den plz give us awareness in GD section along with materials aand expected topics for our upcoming common interview phase....plz reply me with ur precious suggestions...thank u madam....

    1. Well according to the information we've recieved from IBPS, there wont be GD session in common interviews. If its there, then we surely will provide you with materials :)

      Good Day

  4. Hi madam...The second largest public sector bank is Bank Of Baroda...not PNB

    1. Thanks for the update Kiran... Corrected.. Good Day :)

    2. Madam do u know any information about SBI FINAL RESULTS.. if so plz tel . . .

    3. According to sources, you can expect the final results by 29th of this month Prabhu.

  5. The second largest public sector bank is PNB

    1. Kiran was correct SS.. BOB overtook second place in May 2012

  6. hi mam, i am very weak in english. so how i prepare in english paper. pl help me...


  7. Please try to upload 2 or 3 sets of every section , particularly Mathes, reasoning,and Banking Awarness, It will be very helpful to all bank aspirants, if we get it well advanced in prior to exam..
    I am very greatful to Admin. to provide valuable materials.Thanx again!!

  8. Thank you so much for the suggestion Diganta. We've already uploaded some and upload more till the exam date... Good day :)

  9. wonderful job ....keep it up....


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