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September 16, 2012

Marketing Aptitude Questions for SBI Associate Clerical Exam


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Marketing Aptitude for Sbi Associate Clerk Exam

If you are searching for the Material of Marketing Aptitude for SBI Associate Clerical Exam, Then here is your destination. We are proudly introducing the Complete Material for Marketing Aptitude. We made this by keeping the previous years SBI and SBI Associates clerical exam Marketing papers  in mind. So this will be very useful for getting good marks in the SBI Associate Clerical Exam. Click Here to read all the detailed posts and to download the complete reference guide on SBI Associate Clerical Marketing Aptitude. After reading these posts just have a glance at the below practice bits. These will help you in testing your ebility in solving the Marketing related questions. Good Day :)

Out of the following, not one of the three levels of a product :
a) Core
b) Augmented
c) Actual
d) Fragmented
e) all of these

Out of the following, not an objective of pricing :
a) Profit  
b) Stabilising demand and sales of the product
c) Improvement in product quality
c) Expansion of business
e) all of these

Of the following pricing methods, not based on competitors pricing :  
a) English Auction
b) Sealed—Bid Auction
c) Group Pricing
d) None of these
e) all of these
A prospect means
a) any customer who walks into the bank
b) an employee of the bank
c) a customer who is likely to be interested in
bank’s product or service
d) a depositor of the bank’
e) a borrower of the bank

Goods that are typically bought by a consumer based on a comparison of suitability, quality, price,and style are called.....goods :  
a) Industrial
b) Speciality
c) Shopping
d) Convenience
e) all of these

Innovation means
a) Compensation
b) inspiration
c) additional perquisites
d) implementing new ideas or new methods
e) None of these

A bank has a special product for senior citizens which provides cheque book on saving account with customer name on chaque book, free of cost debit card with over draft facility of rs 15,000,  a special pouch for holding passbook, cheque book and debit card, facility for withdrawal and deposites at any branch of the bank,free of cost remittances to any branch of the bank, and free of
cost remittances to any branch of another bank covered under RTGS facility. Which of the following is the core product in this offering ?  
a) Overdraft
b) Remittances
c) Saving account
d) None of these
e) all of these

A lead means 
a) a prospect who is more likely to avail of the
Bank’s product
b) a political leader c) a religious leader
d) a bank chairman e) None of these

A Call means 
a) calling on friends
b) calling on bank employees
c) calling on prospective customers
d) to make telephone calls
e) calling on relatives

The Traditional Marketing style involves 
a) Telemarketing b) Digital Marketing
c) Indirect Marketing
d) Direct Marketing
e) All of the above

Modern Method of Marketing include
a) Publicity on the net
b) Advertisement on the net
c) Soliciting business through e-mails
d) Tele marketing
e) All of the above

A true marketing requires 
a) Command and other mindset
b) Control Mindset
c) Passive mindset
d) Active mindset
e) None of these

Which of the following sentences is true?
a) Marketing is not required in a Buyers’ Market
b) Marketing is not required in a Sellers’s market
c) Marketing is not required due to competition
d) Marketing is not required due to liberalization
e) Marketing is not required due to globalization

Market information means
a) Knowledge of shops and bazaars
b) Knowledge of shopping malls
c) Knowledge of customer profile and product mix
d) knowledge of various languages
e) None of these

Market Research is needed for
a) checking the market area
b) checking the right product to be sold
c) making proper marketing decisions
d) deciding right time to sell
e) All of the above

For effective marketing the salesmen should have which of these qualities?
a) Creativity b) Team spirit
c) Motivation
d) Effective communication skills
e) All of these

Which of the following statement is true 
a) Marketing makes the company to go into loss
due to higher expenses
b) Marketing is not required in profit making
c) Marketing sharpens the minds of the
d) Marketing is a time bound seasonal function
e) Marketing is a waste of time

Marketing plan helps in 
a) better lead generation
b) better systems
c) better results
d) improved balance sheet
e) better customer service

If Marketing is done effectively which of the following is not required? 
a) Advertisement
b) Publicity
c) Market Research
d) Market Segmentation
e) None of these

What is Motivation ?
a) Inspiring the employees to perform better
b) Better communication skills
c) Sales Coaching
d) Market Research
e) None of these

In a Selling Process in today’s world? 
a) Only standard products are sold
b) No customization required
c) the seller need not have product knowledge
d) the seller should aim at customer satisfaction
e) only quantum of sales matters

Find the true statement 
a) Marketing is a waste of the employees’ time
b) Marketing is not required in India due to its
vast population
c) Marketing involves additional work
d) Marketing involves team work
e) Marketing is not required today due to IT advancement

A Target market is 
a) entire country b) entire city
c) entire globe
d) that which consists of customers who need the identified product
e) all of these

Sales forecasting involves
a) Sales Planning
b) Sales Pricing
c) Distribution Channels
d) Consumer tastes
e) All of the above

Which of the following product is being sold under the brand name ZODIAC
a) Shirts
b) Ties
c) Both A and B
d) Liberty

SWIFT - cars are being manufactured by
a) DCM
b) Maruti
c) Premier Automobiles
d) Hyundai
e) all of these

With you all the way is the slogan of ______________
a) Vodafone
b) SBI
d) Raymonds
e) all of these

Which company used the slogan “The complete Man”  ?
a) DCM
e) all of these

Which brand uses the slogan “Made for each other” for its cigarettes?  
a) Cavenders
b) Four Square
c) Red & White
 d) Wills
e) all of these

Cross Selling means (E)
a) Identifying customer needs
b) matching the products to customer needs
c) convincing the customers of product benefits
d) responding to questions and objections of customers
e) all of these

The markets are grouped into different types based on the geographical area, location of market  palace , product,nature of transaction, and volume of the transaction :  
In the above statement the following is not correct:
a) Nature of transaction
b) Geographical area
c) Location of marketplace
d) Volume of transaction
e) None of these

The following offering is not a service :
a) Fixed deposit receipt
b) Postage stamp
c) Gift coupon of a chain store
d) Insurance Policy
e) all of these

The act of obtaining a desired object from someone by offering something in return is called as a (n)....  
a) Transaction
b) Exchange
c) Relationship
d) Value
e) all of these

Economists use the refer to a collection of buyers and sellers who transact in a particular product class :  
a) Customer
c) Experience
d) None of these
e) all of these

Out of the items mentioned below, not a product
a) Lecture by Shri Sudhansu Maharaj
b) Simla
c) Visit to Bank’s London office
d) None of these
e) all of these

A product line is a group of related products that function in a similar manner, are sold to the same customer groups, and marketed through the same type of outlets :  
a) Group
b) Line
c) Category
d) Market
e) all of these

Of the following pricing strategies, not ideal for new products :  
a) Market-Skimming
b) Discriminatory Pricing
c)Promotional Pricing
d) None of these
e) all of these is offered by the seller to intermediary who performs functionslike selling, storing and record keeping :  
a) Quantity
b) Trade
c) Cash
d) Seasonal
e) all of these

In market skimming pricing strategy :  
a) Initially price is lower and then it is increased
b) Initially price is higher and then it is reduced
c) Intial price is high and is maintained high
d) None of these
e) all of these

Bank of Mathura is offering 1% higher interest rate on fixed diposite to senior citizens of 60 years and above. It is practicing__________ :  
a) Promotional pricing
b) Psychological pricing
c) Segmental pricing
d) Product mix pricing
e) all of these

With_________pricing, the products are priced below list price (or even below cost) for a temporary period to create buying urgency
a) Reference
b) By-product
c) Promotional
d) Market penetration
e) all of the above

Of the following pricing methods, not cost based method.
a) Value pricing
b) Target-return pricing
c) Mark-up Pricing
c) Marginal cost pricing
e) all of these

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