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January 07, 2019

7th January 2019 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 7th January 2019. Happy reading :)

Note : There were no editorials in THE HINDU on 6th January 2019 (Sunday) 

  • Bring in -  to use the skills of a particular group or person
  • Deserve - to have earned something or be given something because of your actions or qualities
  • Cloud  - to spoil an activity, event, or situation
  • Murky - involving activities that are not clearly known and that people think are dishonest or morally wrong
  • Conspiracy theory - the idea that a group of people secretly worked together to cause a particular event
  • Premise - a principle or statement that you consider to be true, that you base other ideas and actions on
  • Notion - knowledge or understanding of something
  • Manipulate - to influence someone, or to control something, in a clever or dishonest way
  • Sinister - threatening to do harm or to do something evil
  • Distrust - to not trust someone or something
  • Yearning - a strong feeling that you get when you want something very much, especially something that you know you may not be able to have
  • Phenomena - an event or situation that can be seen to happen or exist
  • Underlying - underlying causes, facts, ideas etc are the real or basic ones, although they are not obvious or directly stated
  • Breeding ground - a situation or place in which bad things can easily begin to develop
  • Untimely - happening at a time that is not suitable, for example because it causes additional problems
  • Astonishing - very surprising
  • Probe - an attempt to find out the truth about an issue, problem, or accident, made by an official group or by a newspaper, television programme etc
  • Meanwhile - at the same time
  • Constitute - if several people or things constitute something, they combine to form it
  • Tenure - the period of time during which someone has an important job or is an elected official
  • Blindfolded - to cover someone's eyes with a strip of cloth
  • Principal - main
  • Circumstance - a fact or condition that affects a situation
  • Subsequent - happening or coming after something else
  • Demise - the death of a person
  • Former - used for describing someone or something that had a particular job, title, status etc in the past, but not now
  • Adequate - good enough or large enough for a particular purpose
  • Intervention - a situation in which someone becomes involved in a particular issue, problem etc in order to influence what happens
  • Eminently - very or very much
  • Sensible - reasonable and practical
  • Debilitating - making someone physically or mentally weak
  • Matrix - an arrangement of connected things
  • Deposition - a formal written statement by a witness that is read out in a court because the witness cannot be present at the court
  • Perplexing - confusing
  • Accuse - to say that someone has done something wrong or committed a crime
  • Collusion - the secret activities of people who work together to do something dishonest
  • Get away - to escape from a person or place
  • Motive - used in a negative way for showing that someone’s real reasons for doing something are not the ones that they tell other people
  • Warring - arguing or fighting with each other
  • Faction - a small group within a larger group, consisting of people with different opinions from the rest
  • Elusive - an elusive person or animal is difficult or impossible to find or catch
  • Enhance - to improve something, or to make it more attractive or more valuable
  • Competent - capable of doing something in a satisfactory or effective way
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Removing fear: on literary freedom"
  • Taken for granted - to expect something always to happen or exist in a particular way, and to not think about any possible problems or difficulties
  • Threaten - to be likely to cause harm or damage to something or someone
  • Undermine - to make something or someone become gradually less effective, confident, or successful
  • Afresh - in a new or different way
  • Pulp - books and magazines that are of low quality in the way they are produced and the stories and articles they contain
  • Sanitise -  to take out from information, writing etc parts that might be offensive or unpleasant, usually in a way that makes them less interesting and less useful
  • Offending - causing a problem, or breaking a rule
  • Mob - a large crowd of people that is dangerous or difficult to control
  • Resurrect - to make something exist again, or to start to use something again after it has disappeared, been forgotten, or stopped being used
  • Verdict - an official judgment made in a court
  • Harmony - a situation in which people live and work well with other people, or in a way that does not damage things around them
  • Invoke - to use a law or rule in order to achieve something
  • Free expression - the right to express your opinions
  • Espouse - to give your support to an idea, principle, or belief
  • Punitive - relating to or causing punishment or great difficulty
  • Commend - to praise someone or something formally or publicly
  • Uphold - to show that you support something such as an idea by what you say or do
  • Liberal - accepting different opinions and ways of behaving and tending to be sympathetic to other people
  • Omission - someone or something that has not been included, either deliberately or because someone forgot
  • Denominational - relating to a particular religious group
  • Blasphemy - something that is considered offensive to God or someone’s religious beliefs
  • Deliberate - intended, not done by chance or by accident
  • Malicious - unkind and showing a strong feeling of wanting to hurt someone
  • Outrage - a strong feeling of anger and shock at something that you feel is wrong or unfair
  • Grossly - very, or extremely
  • Trivial - not very important, serious, or valuable
  • Hound - to follow someone in a determined way in order to get something from them
  • Harass - to keep annoying or upsetting someone, for example by criticizing them, attacking them, or treating them in a way that is offensive to them
  • Curtail - to reduce or limit something, especially something good
  • Obscene - offensive in a sexual way
  • Omit - to fail to include or do something
  • Enmity - a feeling of strong dislike or opposition between people
  • Imputation - the act of accusing someone of having a bad quality or of being guilty of something, or a statement that makes such an accusation
  • Integration - the process of allowing people of all races to use a place, institution, or organization
  • Proscribe - to order an end to the existence or use of something
  • Tweak - to make small changes in order to improve something
  • Prohibition - a law or rule that stops people from doing something
  • Onus - if the onus is on someone to do something, it is their responsibility or duty to do it
  • Obscenity - behaviour or language that is sexually offensive, especially in a film, book, or play
  • Initiative - the ability to decide in an independent way what to do and when to do it
  • Penal - relating to the punishment of criminals
  • Inhibit - to make it difficult for a process to start or continue in a normal way

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