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October 01, 2018

1st October 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 1st October 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 :  "Tricky call ahead: on RBI policy stance"
  • Tricky - difficult to deal with
  • Stance - an attitude or view about an issue that you state clearly
  • Inflation - an economic process in which prices increase so that money becomes less valuable
  • Liquidity - a situation in which a business has money or property that it can sell in order to pay money that it owes
  • Concern - a feeling of worry about something, especially one that a lot of people have about an important issue
  • Monetary Policy - actions taken by a government to control the amount of money in an economy and how easily available it is, for example by changing the interest rate
  • Benchmark - an amount, level, standard etc that you can use for judging how good or bad other things are
  • Heighten - to increase or make something increase
  • Outflow - a movement of large amounts of money or large numbers of people from one place to another
  • Arbitrage - the process of buying things, especially currencies or company shares, in one place and selling them in another at the same time for profit
  • Depreciation - the process of becoming less valuable
  • Crude oil - oil that is still in its natural state and has not yet been refined for use by chemical processes
  • Barrel - a unit for measuring crude oil
  • Import - to buy a product from another country and bring it to your country
  • Overseas - happening or existing in a country across the sea from your country
  • Compelling - able to persuade someone to do something or persuade them that something is true
  • Unequivocal - clear, definite, and without doubt
  • Mandate - an official order to do something
  • Appreciable - enough to be noticed or considered important
  • Exclude - to deliberately not include something
  • Precisely - clearly
  • Underlying - underlying causes, facts, ideas etc are the real or basic ones, although they are not obvious or directly stated
  • Persist - to continue to exist
  • Augur - to be a sign of what may happen in the future
  • Impact - an effect, or an influence
  • Trigger - to make something happen
  • Roil - to seriously disturb; to throw into confusion
  • Monitor - to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening
  • Soothe -  to make someone more calm and more relaxed when they are feeling nervous, worried, or upset
  • Adequacy - the quality of being good enough
  • Unforeseen - an unforeseen situation, especially a problem, is one that you did not expect
  • Volatility - the quality or state of being likely to change suddenly, especially by becoming worse
  • Repo rate - the rate at which the central bank of a country (Reserve Bank of India in case of India) lends money to commercial banks in the event of any shortfall of funds
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 :  "Cup of surprises: on Asia Cup tournament"
  • Tournament - a series of games in which the winner of each game plays in the next game until there is one player or team left
  • Win someone’s heart - to make someone start to love you
  • Nerve-racking - making you very nervous or worried
  • Fulfil -  to achieve something that you wanted to do, or to get something that you hoped for
  • Reveal - to let something become known, for example a secret or information that was previously not known
  • Punch above your weight - a country or organization that is punching above its weight has more influence internationally than its size would suggest
  • Glorious - very beautiful in a way that makes you feel happy
  • Underdog - a person, team, or group that seems least likely to win a game, competition, election etc
  • Alter - to make something or someone different
  • Fancy - to believe that someone will be successful in doing something, especially winning a competition or fight
  • Rival - a person, team, or business that competes with another
  • Powerhouse - a person or thing that has a lot of strength or energy
  • Tumble - to fall quickly and without control
  • Medley - a mixture of things
  • Evolve - to gradually develop particular physical features
  • Hierarchy - a system for organizing people according to their status in a society, organization, or other group
  • Abridged - an abridged book, play etc has been made shorter than the original
  • Prelude - an event that happens before and introduces a more important event
  • Flux - a condition of continuous change
  • Injured - hurt in an accident or attack
  • Consistent - not changing in behaviour, attitudes, or qualities
  • Skipper - someone who is in charge of a team (captain)
  • Seemingly - in a way that appears to have a particular quality, even though this is probably not true
  • Wane - to become weaker in strength or influence
  • Reflex - a way of reacting to something that you do very quickly, without thinking about it
  • Intact - not harmed, damaged, or lacking any parts as a result of something that has happened
  • Shepherd - to make a group of people move to where you want them to go
  • Groom - to prepare someone for a particular job or activity by giving them special training and attention
  • Akin to something - similar to something
  • Refugee camp - a place where people who have escaped their own country can live, usually in bad conditions and only expecting to stay for a limited time
  • Distraction - something that gets your attention and prevents you from concentrating on something else
  • Strife - fighting or disagreement between people or groups
  • Forge - to work hard to achieve something
  • Explosion -  an occasion when something bursts with a lot of force and a loud noise, often causing damage
  • Soothing - making you feel more calm and more relaxed and less nervous, worried, or upset
  • Dish out something - to give or say things to people without thinking about them carefully
  • Rousing - making you feel emotional, excited, or enthusiastic
  • Tie - if two players or teams in a game tie, they both have the same number of points
  • Aplomb - a confident relaxed manner when dealing with a difficult situation
  • Mere - only / just
  • Journeyman - any worker who produces good but not excellent work
  • Plucky - brave and determined, especially when success is unlikely
  • Amateur - someone who does not do something very well
  • Nurture - to provide the necessary care and attention
  • Adequate - good enough or large enough for a particular purpose

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