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July 06, 2018

6th July 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 6th July 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

  • Pass the buck - to make someone else deal with something that you should take responsibility for
  • Lynching - to kill someone, even though they have not been proved guilty of any crime
  • The length and breadth of something - in every part of a large area
  • Baffling - impossible to understand
  • Mob - a large crowd of people that is dangerous or difficult to control
  • Materialise - to appear suddenly and unexpectedly
  • Plotting - to make a secret plan with other people to do something bad
  • Harvest - to collect something
  • Beware - used to warn someone of danger or difficulty
  • Hail from - to be from a particular place
  • Circulate - if information or ideas circulate, one person talks or writes about them to another, so that more and more people start to know about them
  • Cluster - a series of events of the same type
  • Clobber - to hit someone very hard
  • Overpower - to defeat someone by having greater strength or power
  • Ironically - used for saying that a situation has developed in an unexpected way
  • Hire - to pay someone to work for you, especially for a short time
  • Precisely - clearly
  • Remedial - intended to improve or correct something
  • Proliferation - a sudden increase in number or amount
  • USP - unique selling proposition, or unique selling point: the thing that makes a product or service special or different from others
  • Legitimise - to make something seem morally right or reasonable
  • Surveillance - the process of carefully watching a person or place
  • Privacy - the freedom to do things without other people watching you or knowing what you are doing
  • Commodity - a valuable quality
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Predate - to kill
  • Tendency - a strong chance that something will happen in a particular way
  • Panic - a sudden strong feeling of fear or worry that makes you unable to think clearly or calmly
  • Distressing - making you feel extremely unhappy, worried, or upset
  • Viral - very popular and spreading very quickly, especially on the Internet
  • Reach out - to try to communicate with a person or a group of people
  • Persuade - to make someone agree to do something by giving them reasons why they should
  • Rumour - unofficial information that may or may not be true
  • Amplify - to explain something more thoroughly or give it more emphasis
  • Merely - only / just
  • Appeal - a request for people to do something or to behave in a particular way
  • Hardly - certainly not
Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Allies, interrupted: on India-U.S. ties"
  • Ally - a country that makes an agreement with another country that they will work together to help each other
  • Drift - to do something or to happen in a way that is not planned
  • Bilateral - involving two groups or countries
  • Concede - to admit that something is true
  • Diverge - to start to go in separate directions
  • Multilateral - involving more than two groups or countries
  • Sanction - an official order, such as the stopping of trade, that is taken against a country in order to make it obey international law
  • Inevitable - impossible to avoid or prevent
  • Conflict - angry disagreement between people or groups
  • Insistence - a very firm statement that something must happen or that something is true
  • Defence - the system of weapons, equipment, and people that is used to protect a country
  • Procurement - the process of buying supplies or equipment for a government department or company
  • Envoy - an official who represents their country in another country, with a rank below an ambassador
  • Reiterate - to repeat something in order to emphasize it or make it very clear to people
  • Interlocutor - someone who you are having a conversation with
  • Confrontation - a fight or argument
  • Tariff - a tax that a government charges on goods that enter or leave their country
  • Adversary - an enemy or opponent
  • Tilt - to influence a situation in a particular way, or to be influenced in a particular way
  • Dialogue - a process in which two people or groups have discussions in order to solve problems
  • Invoke - to use a law or rule in order to achieve something
  • Lapsed - no longer legally effective
  • Autonomy - a situation in which a state, region, or organization is independent and has the power to govern itself
  • Informal - informal talks or meetings are relaxed, do not involve many people, and do not need to produce an official result
  • Summit - a meeting or series of meetings between leaders of two or more countries
  • At variance with - if one thing is at variance with another, they are completely different and seem to oppose each other
  • Import - a product from another country, that is bought with money from your country
  • Negotiate - to try to reach an agreement by discussing something in a formal way, especially in a business or political situation
  • Trigger - to make something happen
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Obvious - clear to almost anyone
  • Address - to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Considerably - a lot
  • Diminished - reduced in amount, size, or importance
  • In contrast to  - to be very different from something else
  • Postpone - to decide that something will not be done at the time when it was planned for, but at a later time
  • Counterpart - someone or something that has the same job or purpose as another person or thing, but in a different country, time, situation, or organization
  • Fraying - gradually being destroyed or becoming weaker
  • Imperative - extremely important and urgent
  • Ultimatum - a statement that orders someone to do something and threatens to punish or attack them if they do not
  • Kick in - to start to have an effect
  • The clock is ticking - used for saying that someone must do something quickly because there will soon be no more time left

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