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July 12, 2018

12th July 2018 Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - PDF Download

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 12th July 2018. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on titles to read Editorials from THE HINDU News Paper

Download PDF Version of Hindu Editorial Vocabulary 12th July 2018 from HERE

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "High on rhetoric: on Punjab's drug menace"
  • Rhetoric - a style of speaking or writing that is intended to influence people
  • Menace - someone or something that is dangerous and likely to cause harm
  • Gesture - a movement that communicates a feeling or instruction
  • Anticipate - to imagine or expect that something will happen
  • Mandatory - ordered by a law or rule
  • Belated - happening late
  • Insubstantial - not very large or strong
  • Curbing - to control or limit something that is harmful
  • Pervasive - spreading through the whole of something and becoming a very obvious feature of it
  • Tokenism - the practice of doing something in order to make people believe that you are being fair and including all types of people and issues when this is not really true
  • Misstep - a mistake, especially one caused by bad judgment
  • Peddler - someone who sells something illegal or harmful, especially drugs
  • Latter - used for referring to the second of two people, things, or groups that have just been mentioned
  • Capital punishment - the punishment of being legally killed
  • Abhorrent - if something is abhorrent to you, you dislike it very much, usually because you think it is immoral
  • Deter - to make someone decide not to do something
  • Comprehensive - complete and easily achieved
  • Intervention - a situation in which someone becomes involved in a particular issue, problem etc in order to influence what happens
  • Foster - to help something to develop over a period of time
  • Vary - to be different in different situations
  • Household - the people who live in a house or flat when they are considered as a single unit
  • Drug addict - someone who takes illegal or harmful drugs and cannot stop
  • Overcrowded - containing too many people or things
  • Narcotic - any illegal drug, especially one that is addictive (=that someone depends on)
  • Opiate - a drug that contains opium and is used for reducing pain and making you go to sleep
  • Sheer - used for emphasizing the amount or degree of something
  • Profiteer - to make large profits by charging high prices for things that people need and cannot get anywhere else
  • Menace - someone or something that is dangerous and likely to cause harm
  • Sustain - to provide the conditions in which something can happen or exist
  • Scale - the size of something, especially when it is big
  • Well-oiled - a well-oiled system or company operates without problems
  • Crescent - a curved shape that is wide in the middle and pointed at the ends
  • Synthetic - made from artificial materials or substances, not from natural ones
  • Inflow - an amount of something such as money or goods that comes into a place
  • Obviously - in a way that is clear for almost anyone to see or understand
  • Substance - a drug that people can start to depend on, especially an illegal drug
  • Substantial - large in amount or degree
  • Terror - violence used for making people very frightened in order to achieve political aims
  • Alliance - an arrangement between two or more people, groups, or countries by which they agree to work together to achieve something
  • Merely - only / just
  • Line up - to form a row, or to put people or things in a row
  • Brownie points - approval for something helpful you have done
  • Concrete - practical
  • Photo-ops - an occasion on which famous people pose for photographers by arrangement
  • Sound-bite - a short comment by a politician or other famous person that is taken from a longer conversation or speech and broadcast alone because it is very interesting or effective
  • Campaign - a series of actions intended to produce political or social change
  • Run-up - to make something very quickly
  • Judiciary - the part of government that consists of all the judges and courts in a country
  • Showing hands - an occasion when people in a room vote by putting their hands up
  • Democracy - a system of government in which people vote in elections to choose the people who will govern them
  • Fragile - used about a situation, agreement, or relationship that can easily be damaged or destroyed
  • Muted - not as strong or extreme as usual
  • Overshadow - to be a negative feature or influence that spoils something
  • Dramatic - sudden and surprising or easy to notice
  • League - a group of people or things that are similar in their quality, skills, or achievements
  • Sentence - a punishment given by a judge, usually involving a period of time that a person must spend in prison
  • Bar - to prevent something or someone from doing something or going somewhere, or to not allow something
  • Guilty - someone who is guilty has committed a crime
  • Plague - to cause a lot of problems for someone or something for a long period of time
  • Critic - someone who does not like something and states their opinion about it
  • Overzealous - doing something so much that it causes problems
  • Despatch - to send someone or something somewhere
  • Accuse - to say that someone has done something wrong or committed a crime
  • Massive - very large or heavy
  • Rally - a public meeting that a lot of people go to in order to support someone or something or to protest against someone or something
  • Ouster - the removal of someone from an official position
  • Neutralise - to stop something from having any effect
  • Destabilise - to cause problems for a country, government, or person in authority so that they become less effective
  • Harassment - annoying or unpleasant behaviour towards someone that takes place regularly, for example threats, offensive remarks, or physical attacks
  • Dawn - the beginning of the day, when it begins to get light
  • Cantonment - a district of a South Asian city which shows the influence of Western Europeans or Americans
  • Threat - an occasion when someone says that they will cause you harm or problems, especially if you do not do what they tell you to do
  • Assassinate - to kill a famous or important person, especially for political reasons or for payment
  • Adhere to - to obey a rule, law, agreement etc
  • Kowtow - to show too much respect to someone in authority, always doing what you are told and changing what you do in order to please them
  • Conducive - providing the right conditions for something good to happen or exist
  • Vitiate - to destroy or damage something
  • Mainstream - considered normal, and having or using ideas, beliefs, etc. that are accepted by most people
  • Sectarian - caused by or feeling very strong support for the religious or political group that you are a member of, in a way that can cause problems with other groups
  • Radical - believing or expressing the belief that there should be great or extreme social or political change
  • Ideology - a set of beliefs or principles, especially one on which a political system, party, or organization is based
  • Tolerate - to accept behaviour and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them
  • Despite - used for saying that something happens even though something else might have prevented it
  • Stricture - a statement of severe criticism or disapproval
  • Funding - money given by a government or organization for an event or activity
  • Task Force - a group of people who are brought together to do a particular job, or a large military group who have a military aim to achieve
  • Cripple - to cause serious damage to someone or something
  • Deepening - if a bad situation deepens, it becomes worse

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