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May 06, 2018

General Awareness Quiz 2018 for Competitive Exams

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  1. Which of the following is the out come of Wuhan summit between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and China President Xi Jinping ? 
      • a. Leaders issued strategic guidelines to their military 
      • b. Joint Economic project in Afghanistan 
      • c. Joint Economic project in India-Pakistan Border
    1.  Only (a) and (c)
    2.  Only (b) and (c)
    3.  Only (a) and (b)
    4.  Only (a)
    5.  Only (c) 
  2. Leisang, is a village in Manipur. This village is in news recently. The reason is :   
    1. Prime Minister launched SAUBHAGYA scheme in this village
    2.  This is the last village, bought National Power grid
    3.  North-East Tribal Dance festival was conducted in this village
    4.  Electricity was provided to all households, and first North East village to do so
    5.  First village to have toilets in all house holds
  3. Which of the following is the scheme to provide continuous power supply to rural India ?
    1.  Grameena Vidhyuth Yojana
    2.  Atal Gram vidhyuth Suraksha
    3.  Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana
    4.  Pradhan Mantri Bhijili Yojana
    5.  Grameen Saubhagya Yojana
  4. Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli Har Ghar Yojana (SAUBHAGYA) was launched to :
    1.  Provide electricity to rural house holds
    2.  Providing electricity to Rural 11. public places
    3.  Providing electricity to North East state urban areas
    4.  Providing Electricity to all households in North East States
    5.  None of the above
  5. Nathula Pass is in which state ?
    1.  Arunachal Pradesh
    2.  Assam
    3.  Uttarakhand
    4.  Himachal Pradesh
    5.  Sikkim 
  6. Which of the following Indian state does not have border with China ?
    1.  Jammu and Kashmir
    2.  Himachal Pradesh
    3.  West Bengal
    4.  Arunachal Pradesh
    5.  Uttarakhand
  7. Union Government has launched GOBAR scheme recently. Its main aim is :
    1.  Using cow dung for agricul-ture
    2.  Cleanliness and generating wealth from organic waste
    3.  Reducing migrations
    4.  Providing training for rural youth
    5.  None of the above
  8. The Union Cabinet on 2nd May, gave its approval to accede to the protocol under World Health Organization Framework convention. This is related to :
    1.  Tobacco control
    2.  Pollution
    3.  Vaccination of children
    4.  Maternal deaths
    5.  Maintaining hospitals
  9. Union Government has released the draft of the new telecom policy. The aim of the policy is :
      • a. Creating 40 lakh new jobs by 2022 
      • Attracting $100b in sector
      • 10 GBPS to all Gram Panchayats by 2022
    1.  Only (a) is true
    2.  Only (a) and (b) are true
    3.  (a), (b), (c) are true
    4.  Only (b) and (c) are true
    5.  Only (a) and (c) are true 
  10. According to 'World Leaders on Facebook', released by Burson Cohn & Wolfe, who is leading in popularity in the facebook platForm ?
    1.  Donald trump
    2.  Joko Widodo
    3.  Angela Merkel
    4.  Narendra Modi
    5.  Samdeh Hansen
  11. Which of the following is World's largest Bio metric ID System ?
    1.  Smartgate (Australia)
    2.  Biometric Database (Israel)
    3.  Iraq National Card
    4.  Biometric Voter Registration (Tanzania)
    5.  Aadhar (India)
  12. In the list of doping violations, in which place India is placed by World Anti-Doping Agency ?
    1.  4
    2.  5
    3.  6  
    4.  7
    5.  8 
  13. Choose the correct answer. 
      • a. According to the Airports Council International (ACI), India is the second fastest growing country in the world for air passenger traffic 
      • b. According to ACI, the fastest growing country in the world for air passenger traffic is Singapore 
      • c. According to ACI, the fastest growing country in the world for air passenger traffic Vietnam
    1.  Only (a) is true
    2.  Only (a) and (c) are true
    3.  Only (b) is true
    4.  Only (c) is true
    5.  None of the above 
  14. Shahzar Rizvi is associated with which of the following sport ?
    1.  Wrestling
    2.  Boxing
    3.  Shuttle
    4.  Shooting
    5.  Weightlifting
  15. What is theme of 2018 International Labour Day ?
    1.  Hard work pays
    2.  Our shoulders building the society
    3.  Uniting workers for social and Economic Advancement
    4.  Changing technology... pers-pective... still we work
    5.  None
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