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May 28, 2018

Controversial statements on Bankers : Nitish Kumar is getting 1 Star rating in FB

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After his controversial statements on bankers, Nitish Kumar is getting 1 star rating in his official facebook page. The Bihar chief minister yesterday blamed banks for the desired benefits of demonetisation not reaching the common man. Banks did not implement the exercise in late 2016 properly, Kumar said at a meeting with a state-level bankers’ committee.

I had supported note ban,” he said, according to PTI. “But because of the role played by banks, people could not be benefited to the extent they should have. People deposited huge amounts in scrapped currency and the money was laundered.”

Kumar also made an indirect reference to recent scams like the PNB fraud, stating that big defaulters were able to obtain huge loans and escape from the country, while the poor had to face stringent recovery steps.

"Banks are so strict in recovering amounts lent to small-scale borrowers. Why the same strictness is not shown in the case of big defaulters ?" he wondered.

After these statements, the bankers started reacting differently. The started giving 1 star rating in his facebook page saying "bankers work hard and deserves to be respected".

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