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March 14, 2018

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary - 14th March 2018

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Hai Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu News Paper dated 14th March 2018. Happy reading :)

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Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Maharashtra kisan rally: A model protest"
  • Rally - a public meeting that a lot of people go to in order to support someone or something or to protest against someone or something
  • Protest - a strong complaint or disagreement
  • b- to give attention to or deal with a matter or problem
  • Gruelling - very difficult and involving a lot of continuous effort
  • Gherao - a form of protest where a large group of people surround someone and refuse to let them leave until their demands have been met
  • Sensitise - to make someone notice or understand a situation or problem
  • Remarkable - unusual in a way that surprises or impresses you
  • Disrupting - to interrupt something and prevent it from continuing by creating a problem
  • Refrain - to stop yourself from doing something
  • Aggressive - behaving in an angry or rude way that shows you want to fight, attack, or argue with someone
  • Sloganeering - trying to persuade people by repeating phrases instead of explaining your ideas
  • Myriad - a very large number of something
  • Protester - someone who shows that they disagree with something by standing somewhere, shouting, carrying signs, etc
  • Agrarian - relating to or involving farming or farmers
  • Backed - supported
  • Stir - an occasion when a group of people march or stand together to show that they disagree with or support something or someone
  • Pitched in - to start to do something as part of a group, especially something helpful
  • Isolate - to keep a person or animal separate from others
  • Flustered - feeling confused, embarrassed, or nervous
  • Persuade -  to make someone agree to do something by giving them reasons why they should
  • Final leg - final stage
  • Inconvenience - to cause difficulties for someone
  • Commuter - someone who travels regularly to and from work
  • Emissart - someone who does a job for a government or a leader, especially someone who delivers a message for them
  • Negotiate - to try to reach an agreement by discussing something in a formal way, especially in a business or political situation
  • Unrest - angry or violent behaviour by people who are protesting against something
  • Contend with - to have to deal with problems or difficulties, especially in order to achieve something
  • Caveat - a warning of the limits of a particular agreement or statement
  • Waiver - an official statement or document that says a right, claim, or law can be officially ignored or given up
  • Efficacy - effectiveness in producing the result that you intended
  • Alleviate - to make something less painful, severe, or serious
  • Drought - a long period of time when there is little or no rain and crops die
  • Disruption - a situation in which something cannot continue because of a problem
  • Reform - a change that is intended to correct a situation that is wrong or unfair, or make a system work more effectively
  • Constrict - to limit what someone is able or allowed to do
  • Distress - a feeling that you have when you are very unhappy, worried, or upset
  • Picking up the baton - to take responsibility for something
  • Reminder - a person or thing that makes you remember a particular person, event, or situation
  • Impact - an effect, or an influence
  • Tragedy - a very sad event that causes people to suffer or die
  • Inquiry - an official examination of a crime, accident, problem etc, in order to get information or the truth
  • Claim - if war, disease, or an accident claims someone’s life, they die as a result of it
  • Trekker - person who walks a long distance, usually over land such as hills, mountains, or forests
  • Severely - very seriously
  • Heart-rending - making you feel very sad and sympathetic because someone is suffering
  • Distress - a situation in which you are suffering or are in great danger and therefore in urgent need of help
  • Terrain - an area of land, usually one that has a particular physical feature
  • Rescue - to save someone from a dangerous or unpleasant situation
  • Commendable - deserving praise or admiration
  • Aiding - to make it easier for someone to do something
  • Emphasis - special importance or attention that is given to one thing in particular
  • Protocol - a set of rules for the correct way to behave on formal occasions
  • Hazard - something that could be dangerous or could cause damage or accidents
  • Vulnerable - weak or easy to hurt
  • Aeronautics - the science of making or flying planes
  • Reveal -  to let something become known
  • Trigger - to make something happen
  • Manoeuvre -  an action or movement that you need care or skill to do
  • Imperative - extremely important and urgent

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