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December 08, 2017

Mamta Kalia to receive 27th Vyas Samman 2017

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Hindi scholar and writer Mamta Kalia has been chosen for the prestegious 27th Vyas Samman Award 2017. She was chosen for this award for his novel titled "Dukkham Sukkham", which depicts the story of grandmother (Vidhyawati) and grand daughter (Manisha)'s relation.

About Mamta Kalia
  • Mamta Kalia is a prominent Hindi writer.
  • She is from Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh.
  • She is master of almost all genres of literature including drama, novel, essay, poetry and journalism.
  • She has composed more than 200 stories in nearly half a centry period.
  • She is currntly working as the Editor of Quarterly Magazine "Hindi" of Mahatma Gandhi Internatioanl Hindi University.
  • Some of her Famous Works include Pardesi, Manavatha Ke Bandhan, Peet, DUkkam Sukham
  • She has won prestegious awards like Abhinav Bharathi Samman, Sahitya Bhushan Samman, Amruth Samman, Seetha Puraskar etc.
About Vyas Samman
  • Vyas Samman is a prestegious Hindi literary award in India. It is awarded annually by the K.K. Birla Foundation and includes a cash payout of Rs 250,000.
  • Renowned Hindi Scholar. Litterateur and Playwright Surendra Verma was honored with this award in the year 2016 for his novel "Kaatna Shami Ka Vriksha : Padma Pankhuri Ki DHar Se". 
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