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October 07, 2017

Trick to remember the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017 Winners


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Hello friends, I am Aparna. Today I want to share a shortcut trick to remember the names of the winners of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017. Unlike our previous winners' names of Physics, Medicine and Literature, there are no easy and obvious links among the winners of chemistry prize 2017 to remember them easily.  I tried my best to make them easier to remember in below shortcut technique. If you have any alternate method, then please share that using the comments box below, So that I will add that too.  Let's have a look at the names first.

Winners of Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017
  • Joachim Frank
  • Jacques Dubochet
  • Richard Henderson
Why did they Awarded ?
  • For developing cryo-electron (Cryo-EM) microscopy
Memory Trick :
  • A guy who is very Frank , wanted to make the electron cry. But he doesn't have enough money and technology to do that. So he joined hands with a guy who has JaDu (Magic) and a guy who is very Rich. As the electron is very small, they bought a Microscope to observe it. They are observing the electron through microscope and shouting "Cry - O - Electron"
Explanation :
  • Frank Guy - Joachim Frank
  • JaDu Guy - Jacques Dubochet
  • Rich Guy - Richard Henderson
  • Cry - O - Electron - Cryo-electron microscopy
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