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March 22, 2017

Meet the winner of Abel Prize 2017 - Yves Meyer

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French mathematician Yves Meyer has been awarded the 2017 Abel Prize for his work on wavelets (small waves or ripples), a mathematical theory with applications in data compression, medical imaging and gravitational waves' detection. 

Meyer, 77, will receive 6 million Norwegian krone (about £600,000) for the prize, which recognises outstanding contributions to mathematics and is awarded by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters. He will be presented with ₹4.6 crore cash prize from the Norwegian King at an award ceremony in the capital city of Oslo on May 23.

About Abel Prize :
The Abel Prize has been awarded annually since 2003 and was last year won by Briton Andrew Wiles for his work on solving Fermat’s Last Theorem. It is considered by many to be a maths equivalent of the Nobel Prize, which has no prize for mathematics.

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