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February 28, 2017

One Word Substitutions - Lesson 17

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Friends, this is the 17th Lesson of our One Word Substitutions lesson series. Today we are giving you 20 one word substitutes of the letter 'P'. Read and practice well. Happy Reading :)

One Word Substitutes Practice Test - 17

  • The speed at which one walks
    • pace (noun)
  • A device placed inside someone to enable regular heartbeat 
    • pacemaker (noun)
  • An animal with extremely thick skin
    • pachyderm (noun)
  • A belief that condemns war and violence 
    • pacifism (noun)
  • Calm someone who is angry and upset 
    • pacify (verb)
  • A small area where horses are kept 
    • paddock (noun)
  • A song that praises or talks of victory 
    • paean (noun)
  • Medicine dealing with children's diseases 
    • paediatrics (noun
  • Someone who is sexually attracted towards children 
    • paedophile (noun)
  • Someone who holds religious views that are not part of any major religion 
    • pagan (noun)
  • Public entertainment in which people enact historical scenes 
    • pageant (noun)
  • A small boy who follows a bride during marriage 
    • pageboy (noun)
  • Give number to each page of a book 
    • paginate (verb)
  • Getting annoyed or upset 
    • pained (adjective)
  • A substance or drug that reduces pain 
    • painkiller (noun)
  • Two things or persons placed together 
    • pairing (noun)
  • Having a pleasant taste
    • palatable (adjective)
  • Extremely large and splendid 
    • palatial (adjective)
  • A lot of unnecessary activity caused by an unimportant thing
    • palaver (noun)
  • Money to be paid regularly to one's partner after he / she lived with him / her without being married 
    • palimony (noun)
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