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February 25, 2017

One Word Substitutions - Lesson 15

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Friends, this is the 15th Lesson of our One Word Substitutions lesson series. Today we are giving you 20 one word substitutes of the letter 'N'. Read and practice well. Happy Reading :)

One Word Substitutes Practice Test - 15

  • Catch or arrest someone who is doing something illegal
    • nab (verb)
  • A situation's worst moment
    • nadir (noun)
  • Complain continuously to someone about their behavirour 
    • nag (verb)
  • Lasting for a long time and difficult to remove
    • nagging (adjective)
  • Lacking experience and judgement and believing what people say
    • naive (adjective)
  • Someone having the same name as someone else or thing
    • namesake (noun)
  • Technology involving building structures with individual molecules of substances 
    • nanotechnology (noun)
  • A short sleep taken during the day 
    • nap (noun)
  • Habit of admiring oneself especially one's appearance 
    • narcissism (noun)
  • The act of falling into deep sleep in relaxing surroundings 
    • narcolepsy (noun)
  • A powerful illegal drug that affects and harms the mind 
    • narcotic (noun)
  • Easily getting annoyed or angry 
    • narky (adjective)
  • The process of telling a story 
    • narration (noun)
  • Send information to a group of people through Internet or television 
    • narrowcast (verb)  
  • Beginning to emerge and yet to be developed 
    • nascent (adjective)
  • Extremely bad and unpleasant 
    • nasty (adjective)
  • Relating to the place and time one was bron 
    • natal (adjective)
  • Take over of an industry or a company by the government 
    • nationalize (verb)
  • Relating to the place where one is born and lived the first few years 
    • native (adjective)
  • Someone who studies plants, birds, animals and other living things
    • naturalist (noun)
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