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February 22, 2017

IBPS PO VI Interview Experience - Sourav Majumder

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Name: Sourav Majumder

Interview Location: Chennai, Indian Overseas Bank 

Time : 8:30

Panel : 3

Number : 5

Date : 02/02/2017 [1st day 1st show]

8:30: Called for Bio Metric verification
Next, Document Verification done
11:00: Call for Interview
Panel: 4M, 1F( aged)
Me: May I come in sir,
All: Please come in.
M: Please take your seat
Me: Thank you, individually wish all of them, Good Morning....
M1 (middle person, with coat): So you are Sourav.
Me: Yes Sir, I am Sourav Majumder from West Bengal
All: Smiling
M1: Where you are staying in Chennai? When u came?
Me: answered, from 2014
M1: so you have research experience, tell me what is Renewable Energy?
Me: Answered, all looks happy
M1: Many thing asks from Renewal Energy
Me: All answered
M2: so why you choosing banking?
About Banking Nationalization, what year? About Financial Inclusion?
M3: About priority sector, MSME, Is renewal energy comes under this?
M4: Regarding Jan Dhan Yojana, why its came?
F1: So as you are from Energy sector, tell me how you will savings energy in this room? Suggest something...
M2: How you will be helpful for us?
Me: Told that though I hv research experience, means I have knowledge about rural peoples. And banking also mostly work with rural people.
M1: As a CSE how you will help bank?
Me: Now banking going towards fully digital, technology depends. I can handle customers easily with showing them how to go forward with technology.

M2: If we select you will you join? After joining if you get another good job will you leave it?
M3: How much time will you take to finish your Doctorate?
All: All the best..
Me: Thank you sir.
Time: Almost more then 20 minutes it went

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