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January 22, 2017

IBPS RRB Scale I Interview Experience - Anmol Agarwal

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Myself Anmol Agarwal. Yesterday I gave my RRB Interview. Here I am going to share my experience.

Venue : Aryavat Bhavan Lucknow

Date : 21-01-2017

Panel : 5

In my panel total 5 members( 4 Male 1 Female)
My chance came at 4;30 pm.

M1(HEAD) your Qualification?
me Btech in Computer Science

M1 Use of computer in banks?
Me explained.

M2 Why you want to join banking?
Me explained..

M3 Lead bank scheme??
Me explained..

M3 Lead bank of your area?
me told Allahabad Bank

M1 Head office of Allahabad Bank?
Me Kolkata

M1 diffrence b/w RRB and Nationalize Banks?
Me explained...

M2 if all of your staff want to go for leave on a single day what would you do?
Me.. i said i will analyse the reason behind their leaves.. and allowed leave only those who have an emergency and also take in my mind that bak work will not affected in any circumstances.. they all smilled...

M1: you are also qualified for IBPS PO ?

Me Yes.

M1 What will you choose if you select in both?

Me I will join RRB because here the posting is in UP. I am alone in my family and I need to support my family so I can easily coordinate b/w work and family but in IBPS PO posting may be anywhere in India so. 

M1  said your answers seems genuine....

F1: your hobby?
Me Reading books..

they said ok Anmol thax you may leave..

I thanked all of them

This is my interview experience..........
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