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January 09, 2017

General Awareness Questions asked in Today's (9th January 2017) SSC CHSL Exam

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Name - Chandrabhan Pal

Date and Time of the Exam : 9th January 2017 (4:15 to 5:30 PM)

Thane - western region

Total attempts- 78

List of questions :-
  1. Oscar winner foreign language film 2016
  2. Nitrogen invented by )Hematite is ore of
  3. Chronological order of Gandhi satyagrah missing champacharan satyagrah
  4. Squirrel scientific name
  5. Top gun actor
  6. Crr decrease effects
  7. Krishnan player from which game
  8. Don't Be Evil slogan of which company
  9. Longest day on northern hemisphere
  10. Instrument to detect albha beta rays
  11. Hitler from which country
  12. Together oxidation-reduction equation known as
  13. Which type of power plant  produce most electricity
  14. Who made sun temple
  15. Mangrove tree respiratory system
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