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December 21, 2016

Banking Awareness Quiz - Set 113

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    1. What are the features of UPI ?
      1. Registration of Beneficiary is not required for transferring funds through UPI
      2. The fund would be transferred on the basis of Virtual ID
      3. The beneficiary/receiver of funds needs to have a Virtual ID
      4. One can link different accounts of same bank or even other banks
      5. All the above
    2. What are the different channels for transferring funds using UPI ?
      1. Transfer through Virtual ID
        Banking Quiz for IBPS
      2. Account Number + IFSC
      3. Mobile Number + MMID
      4. Aadhaar Number
      5. All the above
    3. What do you mean by Stale Cheque ?
      1. A cheque issued with signature
      2. A cheque with alterations
      3. A cheque which is outdated (beyond three months)
      4. A cheque dated after the current date
      5. None of the above
    4. The Advantages of RuPay Card is/ are :
      1. It will address the Payment ne-eds of Indian consumers, mer-chants and banks.
      2. Flexibility of the product platform
      3. High levels of acceptance
      4. It saves foreign exchange for India as it need not pay swiping charges to any other count-r3/ as in the case of VISA and Maestro
      5. All the above 
    5. Which android app dedicated to Army Veterans and Veer Naris has been launched by Indian Army ?
      1. Veterans Outrail
      2. Veterans Outreach
      3. Veterans Overview
      4. Veterans Outroute
      5. Veterans Outbunch
    6. Which Union Minister has launched "Digidhan" campaign to pro-mote digital transactions ?
      1. Arun Jaitley
      2. Rajnath Singh
      3. Ravi Shankar Prasad
      4. Venkaiah Naidu
      5. None of the above
    7. Which Indian bank has been adjudged the "Best Bank for SME Lending" by Assocham ?
      1. Punjab National Bank
      2. State Bank of India
      3. Vijaya Bank
      4. Bank of Baroda
      5. Union Bank of India 
    8. Which was established with a vi-ew to promote Micro, Small and Medium Industrial sector?
      1. NABARD
      2. IDBI
      3. SIDBI
      4. EXIM Bank
      5. Both 2 & 3
    9. Who is the Chairman of United India Insurance Co Ltd ?
      1. A.K. Saxena
      2. Milind Kharat
      3. M.K. Surana
      4. Sanath Kumar
      5. K.V. Kamath
    10. KYC stands for Know Your Cus-tomer. What does the abbreviation CKYCR for ?
      1. Centralised KYC Register
      2. Centralised KYC Reforms
      3. Central KYC Registration
      4. Central KYC Records
      5. Customised KYC Records
    11. What is the minimum free period to be given from the date of purchase through a credit card and the date from which interest will be charged on such purchase amount ?
      1. 45 days
      2. 60 days
      3. 30 days
      4. 15 days
      5. None of the above
    12. "APPurse" mobile app has been launched by which state government to promote digital transactions?
      1. Arunachal Pradesh
      2. Uttar Pradesh
      3. Andhra Pradesh
      4. Karnataka
      5. None of the above
    13. Which of the following Acts is useful for banks to manage all its day to day affairs in a systematic and legal manner ?
      1. Banking Regulation Act- 1949
      2. RBI Act- 1934
      3. Indian Contract Act- 1872
      4. Negotiable Instruments Act -1881
      5. Prevention of Money Laundering Act- 2002
    14. What is the limit of fund transfer using UPI ?
      1. Rs. 50,000
      2. Rs. 25,000
      3. Rs. 1 lakh
      4. Rs. 2 lakh
      5. No upper limit 
    15. As per the RBI guidelines all the banks should extend business hours for banking transactions other than cash up till _________ before the close of the working hours of the branches:
      1. One hour
      2. Two hours
      3. Half an hour
      4. Fifteen minutes
      5. None of the above

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