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October 14, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 14th October 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 14th October 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Hindu Editorial Topic 1 : "Triumph of the troubadour"
  • Triumph - a great victory or achievement
  • Troubadour - poet and singer
  • Sprung - to happen or appear somewhere suddenly or unexpectedly
  • For instance - for example
    Hindu News Paper Vocabulary
  • Awkward - difficult to deal with and embarrassing
  • Astounding - very surprising or shocking
  • Pedestrian - someone who is walking, especially in a town or city, instead of driving or riding
  • Intended - aimed
  • Justify - to show that there is a good reason for something, especially something that other people think is wrong
  • Persisted - to continue to exist
  • Genre - a particular style used in cinema, writing, or art, which can be recognized by certain features
  • Oft - often
  • Extensive - very large in amount
  • Non-fiction - swriting that is about real people and events, not imaginary ones
  • Sweepstakes - a competition for a prize, esp. for money, in which those who win are chosen by chance
  • Idiosyncratic - unusual or strange
  • Purist - someone who believes in and follows very traditional rules or ideas in a subject
  • Aghast - shocked and upset
  • Clinch - to manage to win or achieve something
  • Chronicle - a written record of historical events
  • Angst - a strong feeling of worry about what you should do, how you should behave, or what will happen in the future
  • Counterculture - a way of life and set of attitudes that is deliberately different from the main culture in society
  • Contemporary - alive or existing at the same time as a particular event or person
  • Contradictory - if two or more facts, pieces of advice, etc. are contradictory, they are very different from each other
  • Merged - combined / joined together
  • Sheer - completely
  • Underrated - if a person or thing is underrated, especially a performer, writer, or sports player, most people do not recognize how good that person or thing really is
  • Profoundly - extremely / greatly
  • Odes - poems written about a particular person, thing, or event
  • Closure - the feeling that an unpleasant experience has ended or been settled
  • Subterranean - under the ground
  • Reinvented - to change something that already exists and give it a different form or purpose
  • Stir - to make someone think about something
  • Plumbing - connecting
  • Perhaps - used for saying that you are not certain about something
  • Solitary - tending to spend a lot of time alone
  • Slain - killed in a violent way (in war)
  • Awry - in the wrong position

Hindu Editorial Topic 2 : "Of politics and administration"

  • Administration - the activities involved in managing a business, organization, or institution
  • Bifurcation - to divide something into two parts
  • Statehood - the status of a place as an independent country / state
  • Commentary - a discussion of something such as an event or theory
  • Geographically - relating to an area or place
  • Alienation - the feeling that you do not belong in a particular society, place, or group
  • Intended - aimed to do something
  • Subcommittee - a small group of people who are part of a larger committee and who meet to discuss one particular thing
  • Draft - something such as a plan, letter, or drawing that may have changes made to it before it is finished
  • Revenue - income from business activities or taxes
  • Carved out - to successfully create or get something
  • Monitoring - to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening
  • Bottom-up - starting with details rather than a general idea
  • Stakeholder - a person or company that has invested in a business and owns part of it
  • Morphed - to change from one thing into another by small and interconnected steps
  • Spiralling - show a continuous and dramatic increase.
  • Agitation - a feeling of being worried or upset
  • Replication - the action of copying or reproducing something
  • Hardly - only just / almost not
  • Suffice - to be enough
  • Redeploy - to move someone or something to a different place or a different job
  • Incur - to lose money
  • Expenditure - the total amount of money that a government or person spends
  • Bureaucratic - involving a lot of complicated rules, details, and processes
  • Road map - a plan or set of instructions that makes it easier for someone to do something
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