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October 07, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu News Paper" - 7th October 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 7th October 2016. Happy reading :)

Note : Click on the titles to read the Editorials

Topic 1 : "Chief Minister in a hurry"

  • Leave no stone unturned - to do everything possible to solve a problem or to find something out
  • Prohibition - the action of officially preventing something from being done
  • Legislative - relating to laws or to the process of creating new laws
  • Striking a blow - to do something that harms something severely
  • Regime - a system of rules that control something
  • Notified - to inform someone officially about something
  • Prohibition - a law or rule that stops people from doing something
  • Excise - a tax that a government charges on services used and goods sold inside its country
  • Haste - great speed in doing something because of limited time
  • Throws some light on something - something that throws light on a situation provides an explanation for it or information that makes it easier to understand
  • Strategy -  a plan or method for achieving something, especially over a long period of time
  • Distinguishing - a distinguishing feature, mark etc makes something clearly different from other similar things
  • Crowded - containing a lot of people
  • Campaign - work in an organized and active way towards a goal.
  • Outreach - an effort to bring services or information to people where they live or spend time
  • Aura - quality
  • No-holds-barred - without any limit on what you are allowed to do
  • Ally - someone who helps and supports you (friend)
  • Alliance - an arrangement between two or more people, groups, or countries by which they agree to work together to achieve something
  • Credibility - qualities that someone has that make people believe or trust them
  • Potent - powerful, or effective
  • Empathetic - able to understand how someone feels because you can imagine what it is like to be them
  • Aspiration - something that you want to achieve, or the wish to achieve something
  • Dignified - having or showing a composed or serious manner that is worthy of respect
  • Empowered - stronger and more confident
  • Allied - connected by a political or military agreement
  • Plank - something that is important to the success or failure of something
  • Overtone - a quality or feature that is noticeable but not obvious
  • Arrogate - to take power that is not legally yours
  • Mantle - the authority or responsibility connected with someone’s position, duties, or beliefs
  • Campaigner - a person who takes part in organized activities that are intended to change something in society
  • Set someone apart - to make someone or something different and special
  • Emitting - sending
  • Briefly - for a short time
  • Overcome - to succeed in dealing with or controlling a problem
  • Underlined - to show clearly that something is important or true
  • Assertiveness - the quality of behaving in a confident way in which you are quick to express your opinions and feelings
  • Outline - to give the main ideas of a plan or a piece of writing without giving all the details
  • Deployment - if a government or army deploys soldiers or police, it uses them
  • Mindful - careful about or conscious of something
  • Policing - the control of an area or a problem by police
  • Alienate - to cause someone or a group of people to stop supporting and agreeing with you
  • Constituency - a division of a country that elects a representative to a parliament
  • Footprint - the amount of space on a surface that something needs

Topic 2 : "Stamping down on prejudice"

  • Stamping down - to put down by force or authority
  • Prejudice - an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge
  • Revival - the process of becoming active, successful, or popular again
  • Prevention - to stop something from happening
  • Provision - a part of an agreement or law that deals with a particular problem
  • Discrimination - unfair treatment of someone because of their religion, race, or other personal features
  • Constraint - something that limits your freedom to do what you want
  • Underfunded - does not have enough money to run properly
  • Monitoring - to regularly check something or watch someone in order to find out what is happening
  • Ensuring - to make sure that something is happening
  • Acquiring - to get a disease, illness, or infection
  • Hinges - depends
  • Inquiry - an official examination of a problem in order to get information or the truth
  • Ombudsmen - someone whose job is to deal with complaints that people make about an organization or particular type of business
  • Intended - aimed
  • Antiretroviral - antiretroviral drugs are used to treat certain types of virus, especially HIV (the virus that causes AIDS)
  • Diagnosis - a statement about what disease someone has, based on examining them
  • Address - to try to deal with a problem
  • Redress - to fix a problem and make changes
  • Funding - money that a government or organization provides for a specific purpose
  • Come up with something - to think of something such as an idea or a plan
  • Ensure - to make sure that something happens or is done
  • Prospective - likely or expected to happen
  • Confidentiality - a situation in which important information must be kept secret
  • Enforce = to make people obey a law, or to make a particular situation happen or be accepted
  • Breach - an act of breaking a law
  • Imprisonment - the punishment of being put into prison (Jail)
  • Actuarial calculations - the calculations to find various sorts of risk that insurance companies insure people against
  • Initiative - a new plan or process to achieve something or solve a problem
  • Palpably - something you can easily see or understand
  • Embrace - to completely accept something
  • Decline - to gradually become less, worse, or lower
  • Prevalence - very common in a particular place or among a particular group
  • Antenatal - relating to the medical care of pregnant women, or to the time before a baby is born
  • Get down to business - to start doing something that you need to do

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