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August 13, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 60

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  • I don't know who I can trust. (wrong)
  • I don't know whom I can trust. (correct)
    • Explanation : As who is the object to the verb trust its usual form is whom. However, in modern English, who is also used. 
  • We have received no informations.  (wrong)
  • We have received no information.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Information is never used in plural. 
  • He told these news to his mother.  (wrong)
  • He told his mother this news, or He told this news to his mother.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Since news is singular, it cannot have a plural determines (i.e., these).
  • I packed my luggages.  (wrong)
  • I packed my luggage.  (correct)
    • Explanation : The noun luggage does not have a plural form. 
  • The sceneries here are not good. (wrong)
  • The scenery here is not good.  (correct)
    • Explanation : The word scenery is an uncountable noun and has no plural. 
  • I have lost my furnitures.  (wrong)
  • I have lost my furniture.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Furniture is a uncountable (mass) noun and has no plural. 
  • There are no breads in this shop.  (wrong)
  • There is no bread in this shop.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Bread is an uncountable noun and has no plural form. 
  • Please excuse the troubles.  (wrong)
  • Please excuse me for the trouble (I have caused).  (correct)
    • Explanation : Trouble is an uncountable (mass) noun and has no plural. 
  • He took troubles to do his work.  (wrong)
  • He took pains over his work.  (correct)
  • He took trouble over his work.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Trouble is a mass nou. 
  • In some parts of the word many poors.  (wrong)
  • In some parts of the world many poor people.  (correct)
    • Explanation : Poor as a noun is a collective noun and means the poor people. 
  • Scouts wear half pants.  (wrong)
  • Students should wear white pants.  (correct)
  • Scouts wear shorts.  (wrong)
  • Students should wear white trousers.  (correct)
    • Explanation : In British English, pants means 'underpants' or 'knickers', in American English they mean trouser. Half pants is an Indian English expression for shorts in British English. In American English, shorts are 'underpants'.
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