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January 19, 2015

Today's IBPS PO IV Interview Experience


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Hi Friends, I am Nshant Gaurav and I've done my B.Tech in Electronics and Telecomm. Today (19th January 2015) I had my IBPS PO IV Interview at Bank Of India staff training centre, noida, New Delhi. Here I want to share my Interview Experience. Hope this will be useful for you all.

Name : Nishant Gaurav

Qualification : B. Tech

Interview Venue : Bank Of India staff training Centre, Noida, New Delhi

Timing : 8.30 am ( Panel 10)

Document verification done by 9.30 am

Interview started at 10 am (Finished in 15 min)

There were 5 People in the Panel ( 4 Male, 1Female)

I entered into the room, greeted to all of them in opening, was asked to take seat

The questions asked in my Interview were : 

M1; Which language do u prefer.... Hindi or English ?

M1; Tell me smthing abt urself?

M1; Full form of ibps ?

M1; Role of po in banks?

M1; What are rrbs ?

M1; Regulator of rrbs?

M1: What is ur 1st preference in application form? why? where is it's hq ?

M1; List some public sector and private sector banks?

M2; You've done B.Tech then why don't u go for it sector?

M2; Do u have a bank account ? in which bank ? What interest does it give on savings account ?

M2; Which bank gives highest interest rate?

M3; Do u know about pmjdy? what benefits will it provide to public?

M4; What recent changes made by RBI Governor ? How it is beneficial to people?

M1; Are u ready to relocate anywhere in India?

M5 didn't asked any questions

Thank  u....


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  1. Thank you boss. Waiting for this since morning :D

    all the best

  2. Abad jabad jaa Abad ja Abad ja alawala khonja

  3. Thank you brother. All the best

  4. I also have to face ibps clerk...✅interview..wt is expected date..???

  5. Next month. Dates will be out soon

  6. Khoda pahad nikli chuhiya

  7. thnks 4 sharing....gud luck

  8. Wish they ask the same questions from me..seems a very easy interview...good luck bro

  9. i have ibps clerk interview next month. but i got obc certificate today only. will they accept?

  10. what is the best answer for what is u r strength and weakness ??

  11. Interview was so easy.. Interview at IOB Head Office, Chennai at 8.30am.
    Panelist: 3Male ,1Lady

    Certificate verified at 10.15am and Interview was at 11.20am.

    Knocked the door, Wished them good morning with smile.
    Got return wishes too... Interview question was in Tamil and replied them with English most the time.. for few questions replied them in Tamil. Interview duration-15mins

    1)Introduced about yourself-"Said"
    2)Explain about Puducherry(being my native as Puducherry)-"Said"
    3)US dollar value in Rupee.. How change in dollar value affects in Indian economy-"Said"
    4) Questions on PAHAL.."I expalined them"
    5)How your B.E-EEE will help in banking? "Explained and satisfied them.. I was very happy when they got satisfied"
    6)What inspired you to join in bank?"This question was asked because I resigned my IT job and started preparing for it"

    Most of the time they were discussing about my native place PUDUCHERRY.. I was happy that interview was based on my native place.. :))

    Interview Over... Thanked them..

    All the best guys.. do well..

  12. Hi,This is Esakkiraj,Today i finished my Interview in
    S.V.University,Tirupati..It was an amazing Experience and panel members
    were damn cool..First of all I reached the venue before 30 mins i.e;8;00
    AM and Verification started @ exactly 8:30 AM and as I was the 2nd in
    my panel it was completed very early..I was little tensed after calling
    out my name..later I entered the room with 3 deep breaths and it was a
    panel of 5 members(4M,1F).. Me:May I come in sir? M2:yes come in Me:Thank
    you sir Me:Good morning sirs,Good morning Ma'am M2:Take your seat
    Me:Thank you sir M2:what stream u belong to?? Me:Electrical and
    Electronics Engg M2:which college?? Me:Coimbatore Institute of
    Technology ,coimbatore M2:Native place?? Me:replied M2:ur native place
    famous for?? Me:replied M2:Negotiable Instrument Act?? Me:replied
    partially M2:GST?? Me:replied Then its M3 turn M3:A situation question
    Me:replied M3:Financial Inclusion Me:replied Next F1 turn I think she is
    computer professor F1:URL?? Me:replied F1:HTTP?? Me:sorry mam I dnt knw
    F2:without mouse how can you select a line?? Me:replied F2:How to take
    print?? Me:Ctrl+p Then its M1 turn M1:Again a situation question
    Me:sorry sir,I dnt knw M1:Balance of trade?? Me:replied M1:what r ur
    strengths and weakness?? Me:I think I convinced them M1:Balance of
    payments?? Me:sorry sir I dont know M4:I think he is frm North asked me
    whats the meaning of my name?? Me:replied M4:Do u know Hindi?? Me:Dont
    know much sir M4:If you are posted in North,How do you interact with the
    village people Me:I will learn Hindi before joining as Iam a Quick
    Learner sir..He laughed Next M3 again Do you want to be a leader or
    follow someone who guides you?? Me:Leader M3:Then you dont want to
    follow someone?? Me:Not like that sir then I took some time and told him
    that I will follow the orders of my superior and be a leader for my
    sub-ordinates they were all convinced Then one last question asked
    M3:About my mother tongue?? Me:replied Panel members:thank you and now
    you can go Me:Thank you sirs and madam .. The panel members were ultra
    cool..It was nice experience..Overall my Interview lasted for 10

  13. Pleas note from 2015 IBPS is gone conduct 2 examination i.e preliminary and main exams for all Nationalized Banks(Probationary officer,Clerical cadre) as per their notification dated 16th January 2015.

  14. Manu can u please tell me how EEE will helpful in banking??
    Even i'm also from EEE background

  15. Which panel?? i am going to attend interview on 22/01. I am also from EEE background :)

  16. When sbi associate po result will come?

  17. is there anything like while applying for the examination itself i should get obc certificate?

  18. will there be any problem if the btech percentage mentioned in application is wrong(only in decimals)?

  19. Is it compulsory to show all semister marks sheets???

  20. if there is link failure in bank,then what will u do? will u deny to accept deposit . one panelist asked me.

  21. which bank gives high interest rate?

  22. When is ur interview..TVM or Calicut

  23. @manu plz tell me what was ur ans 4 ques no 5 as im also fron Btech EEE background

  24. even me too waiting for his answer :)

  25. Hi..I'm Sanjay Revanth...B.E interview was also in noida panel 10
    Started at 4.45pm...they skipped the introduction part and asked about online banking u use third party transfers...rbi gov...recent news....different types of deposits. ...npa...classification. ...working of air conditioner.....over all it went well lasted for nearly 10 minutes...panelists are friendly. ........

  26. it will not affect that much

  27. consolidate mark sheet is enough.

  28. thanks for sharing ,WHAT ABOUT DOCUMENT VERIFICATION? caste certificate for obc any strictness

  29. Wat is ur ans for the question how eee is useful

  30. helo when is ur intrvw and venue?

  31. helo benny whn s ur intrvw

  32. Thank much .we'll indebted u...........

  33. when will sbi clerk be declared???? ?????everytime i refresh but disappoinment :-(

  34. Thank you. All the best

  35. which bank giving highest rate of interst?? whats the way to answer this question

  36. Short and Cool... All the best to you...

  37. How many photographs r required?

  38. Any interview experiences from Vijayawada Andhra Bank Zonal Office? Please post them if any one has completed the interview for today... Thanks in advance...!

  39. Is there any1 who had interview in coimbatore today??

  40. #Interview..
    guys i have one query regarding interview please guide..
    have work exp of 2 yrs in financial institute but when i applied for PO
    at that time i mentioned NO in work exp column because i don't have exp
    certificate at that i got certificate for the what i
    should answer in interview if they ask what are you doing since last 2
    years or why you didn't mention your work experience...please reply

  41. Hope below link might help you guys:

  42. yes it was there but in ibps po call letter they have mentioned that obc certificate after aug 2013 is required. so dnt worry

  43. Regulagedda SivakumarJanuary 19, 2015 at 7:31 PM

    ow to answer these questions:

    "How change in dollar value affects in Indian economy"

    "How an engineering degree is useful in banking industry"

  44. nice one..may i know your panel??weather panel 1 or panel 2??

  45. is there any problem with the obc certificate (which i taken recently in the month of december) at the time of verification plz tell me.................

  46. you should know yourself. dont memorize other's answer

  47. guys cgpa to percentage conversion ceriticate is needed ah

  48. any have produced this certificate

  49. kotka-6%
    Yes bank too

  50. I have interview on 21st Jan, IOB. And you?

  51. pls tel me how many ques u hv attempt??

  52. Is Year wise marks sheets are necessary at the time of interview..I have convocation and consolidate memo...these two enough na???

  53. Any Body attended interview @ Andhra bank training college Gachibowli Hyderabad. Please Share ur experince.

  54. pls tel me how many ques to attmpt to qulify niacl asstnt

  55. no. only final yr means finl sem


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