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August 13, 2016

GK : Important Official Books

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Hi friends, I am Sindhu. Here I am sharing another important General Knowledge topic "Important Official Books". Happy Reading :)

Some Important Official Books
  • Green Book : Official reports or publications of Italy & Iran
  • White Book : The official publications of Portugal, China & Germany
  • Blue Book : Any official report of the British government 
  • Yellow Book : The report or publication of the French government 
  • Orange Book : Official report of the government of Netherlands
  • Red Book : Book banished in a country 
  • White Book : Official Publication of Germany, Portugal and China
  • White Paper : The authoritative recital of facts issued by the government stating its views on a particular matter. 
  • Grey Book : Report of the government of Belgium and Japan
  • Joint Paper : The joint report of two or more than two governments
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