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July 01, 2016

June 2016 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 11

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World Blood Donor Day‬ is observed on ?

What is the theme of World Blood Donor Day 2016 ?

The World Blood Donor day  is celebrated every year on the day of birth anniversary of an Austrian-American biologist and physician, who discovered the existence of different types of blood groups. Name him ?

The Sikkim government has recently identified and listed 21 trees across the state to be tagged as __________  due to their historical and cultural importance.

The CEO of Asia-Pacific of financial services firm Deutsche Bank, has recently announced that he is going to step down from his post with effect from July 17. Name him ?

The senior-most Judge of the Manipur High Court has recently assumed charge of the Chief Justice of the High Court. Name him ?

ASEAN Dengue Day is observed on ?

What is the theme of ASEAN Dengue Day 2016 ?

In order to further strengthen the lenders’ ability to deal with stressed assets and to put real assets back on track by providing an avenue for reworking the financial structure of entities facing genuine difficulties, the Reserve Bank of India has recently issued guidelines on S4A. What is S4A ?

Which country was recently elected to Chair the United Nations 6th Legal Committee ?

The former captain of England Cricket team was recently passed away. Who is he ?

The Non-banking lending firm SKS Microfinance has recently changed its name to _____________

Name the  first publicly-listed microfinance company in India ?

Who has been recently appointed as the Chairperson of the North Cachar Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC), Assam ?

Who has won the Canada Grand Prix title of Formula One for the year 2016 ?
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