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July 01, 2016

English Vocabulary in 365 Days - Lesson 13

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Hello everyone, in our Lesson 12, we learnt about the prefix beBe represents the meaning throughly; to makeToday we shall see the prefixes bi, bin, bis. Happy Reading :)

Day 13 : Bi, Bin, Bis

  • bi, bin,bis - two, twice
Let's try to understand these with some examples....
  1. bicycle (noun) = a two wheeled vehicle for travel by foot-power. 
    • bi - Prefix = two
    • cycle (kuklos) - Root = wheel
  2. binocular (adjective) = an instrument with two eyes.
    • bin (bini) - Prefix = two together
    • ocul (oculus) - Root = eye
    • ar - Suffix = thing that
Let's have a look at some more words with bi, bin, bis prefixes, for better understanding.
  1. bifocal = having two lenses
  2. bilingual = using two languages
  3. bilateral = involving two groups or countries
  4. bimonthly = something that occurs every two months
  5. bisect = to divide something into two equal parts
  6. bipedal = an animal that walks on two legs
  7. bigamy = the crime of marrying a person while already legally married to someone else (2nd marriage)
  8. biannual =  happening twice a year:
        Home Work :

        Try to guess the meanings of the following elements.
        1. poly-
        2. se-
        3. trans-
        4. un-
        a. not
        b. across
        c. apart
        d. many

        Try to match the above elements with given meanings.  Solve it on your own and

        That's all for today guys..... Thank you :)

        You can read Old Lessons of this series from here
        Shraboni Chakraborty
        Asstt. Professor
        English and Foreign Languages University,

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