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June 29, 2016

Memory Tricks to avoid Spelling Mistakes

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Hi friends, this is Krishna again. Thank you so much for the wonderful response to my earlier video "Memory Techniques to Remember the Meanings in Dictionary". I have been getting a number of mails requesting me to continue these techniques. With this motivation, I have created a new video titled "Memory Tricks to Avoid Spelling Mistakes". After vocabulary (meanings), our biggest problem with English language is spellings. Now a days, spelling mistakes are quiet common in our lives. We may know that spelling of the word. But still we get confused to judge the right one.

In this video, I have discussed 3 memory techniques to deal with this problem. I also added some Commonly confused words for reference. I hope this video will help you to overcome from Spelling Mistakes. You can watch the video from below link. Please don't forget to subscribe the channel to get more updates. Happy Watching :)

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