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June 01, 2016

Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams - Set 7

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Dear friends, Here is the Seventh set of Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams. You can read the Set 1 from hereSet 2 from here  , Set 3 from here , Set 4 from hereSet 5 from here and the Set 6 from here. Happy Reading :)

Idioms related to Take

  • That boy takes after his father (resembles)
  • You are wrong; you must take back all you said (retract)
  • Please dictate it to me and I'll take it down now (write)
  • Do you take me for a fool (assume to be) ?
  • The lecture was good but I couldn't take it all in (understand)
  • The thief's charming manners quite took me in (deceived me)
  • The aeroplane took off at six o'clock (left the ground
  • He took over his father's business (acquired)
  • I took to that girl at once (was attracted to)
  • She's taken to eating too much chocolate (formed habit to
  • That table takes up too much room (occupies)

Idioms related to Throw

  • Politeness is thrown away on that man (wasted, not appreciated)
  • He threw himself into the task of digging the garden (engaged vigorously in)
    • vigorously meaning - in a way that involves physical strength
  • I have got a bad cold and I can't throw it off (lose, get rid of)
  • His death threw open the door to my promotion (made possible)
  • The Government threw out the hilt (rejected)
  • He proposed marriage to her and then threw her over for an actress (abandoned, left)
  • He then threw up his job in England and went to Canada (resigned, gave up)

Idioms related to Turn

  • My sister has suddenly turned against me (become unfriendly)
  • They turned down his application (refused)
  • We are going to turn in early tonight (go to bed)
  • The ugly girl turned into a beautiful woman (became)
  • My wife turned on me and called me a fool (attacked unexpectedly)
  • This factory turns out hundreds of cars a week (produces, manufactures
  • The tea party turned out to be a great success (proved)
  • Her mother turned her out of the house (caused to leave)
  • In time of trouble, you can always turn to me (ask for help)
  • My uncle from Australia turned up yesterday (appeared unexpectedly)

Idioms related to Work

  • He works off his bad temper on his family (vents, gets rid of)
  • Try to work on him and persuade him (influence)
  • The student worked out the problem quickly (solved
  • She always gets very worked up before examinations (excited)
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