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June 29, 2016

English Vocabulary in 365 Days - Lesson 11

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Hello everyone, in our Lesson 10, we learnt about the prefixes arch, archi, archaeoArch, Archi represent the meanings chief, ruler, first and Archaeo represents the meanings ancient, primitive. Today we shall see the prefix auto. Happy Reading :)

Day 11 : Auto

  • auto - self
Let's try to understand these with some examples....

  1. autograph (noun) = a person's signature.
    1. auto (autos) - Prefix = self
    2. graph (graphos) - Root = to write
  2. automobile (noun) = a vehicle containing its own means of propulsion. 
    1. auto (autos) - Prefix = self
    2. mob - Root = move
    3. ile - Suffix = capable of
Let's have a look at some more words with auto prefixes, for better understanding.
  1. autonomy = self-government
  2. automotive = self-moving
  3. autogenesis = born from oneself 
  4. automat = a self-service cafeteria
  5. autobiography = the story of one's life written by oneself
  6. autocracy = a system of government by one person with absolute power
  7. autohypnosis = self-hypnosis
  8. autognosis = understanding of one's own nature, abilities, and limitations
  9. autosuggestion =  the influencing of your physical or mental state by thoughts and ideas that come from yourself rather than from other people
    Home Work :

    Try to guess the meanings of the following elements.
    1. mono-
    2. per-
    3. over-
    4. pseudo-
    a. not genuine
    b. one
    c. too much
    d. through

    Try to match the above elements with given meanings.  Solve it on your own and

    That's all for today guys..... Thank you :)
    Shraboni Chakraborty
    Asstt. Professor
    English and Foreign Languages University,

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