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June 27, 2016

Detailed Reviews of SBI Clerks Main Online Exam Process

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Review shared by Suk

Very good morning friends :)

Your dearest friend is once again in front of you with his exam experience of sbi clk mains exam @26/06/16
My exam's reporting time was 8 am

And as usual i reached there around 8:20am

Because i don't like to stand in the line 😊

At first time in my life i felt that i was not taking any banking entrance exam but facing an army recruitment board
They are searching our body in that manner.
Nothing is allowed in exam hall, we have to removed our shoes,rings, bracelet, chain even they had collected handkerchief at the entrance gate

You can imagine how horrible it would be if no a/c and a hall with 100 candidate with some fans you had to face with no handkerchief
Yes my friend this is THE SBI EXAM
the finest bank of the country treated students like army
And the problem didn't end here
It seems like Giving surprise is the addiction of SBI
They alloted separate Time for every section
It's good that you got more time to solve but the worst thing was that you had no choice to choose your section which you want to attempt first
After loosing your whole enery in early 2 hours we had to face the most calculative math
I thought that it was also a tactics tojudge the clerical aptitude of candidate to serve for the bank even you lost your energy in the evening and this is what sbi want as you can hear from many of it's employees that how much work load sbi has and how they have to work lIke kohlu ka bail
Well despite all we had to take the exam
We give our best in the worst situation
But don't loose hope
Pray for best!

Well now come to the point
Time alloted for indivisual sections
Res-45 min

total time 2hr 40min but next section unlocked after complition of time of previous section

and there is boundation that
all candidates have to solve ga first next english then reasoning and then after math

Despite your ga is completed in 15 min you have to wait for full 35min till the time lapses
My attempt is
GA-45 in 35 min
eng-40 in 35 min
RES-41in 45 min
MATH- 27 in 45 min

Total attempt is 153/190

I have checked that approx 10 question is wrong that i have answered in GA
One mistakes that i had done was that i had not checked all questions just started to solve due to which 5 approximation questions was missed
And low attempetd in math because they are very calculative
Last day i have analysied the exam pattern also solve a set of memory based maths questions which was asked in the yesterday exam but no idea about that there would be surprise by putting so simple 5 approximation questions
If i looked that before then my attempt would be 5 more in maths
This shows that everything is unpredictable in banking recruitment exam specially of SBI

Hope for the best
All the best to you all

Don't give up until strive😊

Some tips shared by Shivam

I have given the main exam, please do the following to avoid chances of any objection:
  1. Wear normal t-shirt and girls can wear salwar suite.
  2. Boys do take care that if they are clean shaved in the attached photo they should not have beard on the exam day.
  3. Wear slippers only.
  4. Don't wear cap, belt, rings, watch etc. and do not carry wallets with you as all these would be kept outside the center.
  5. Do carry the photocopy of ID card with original.
I noticed all these things during the checking procedure which made most of the students giving exam bare footed and some of them were not allowed to give exam. You can't even argue with them....

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