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June 27, 2016

Memory Techniques to Remember the Meanings in Dictionary

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Hi friends, I am Krishna. One of the ardent followers and contributors of All of you know how important is English vocabulary for any competitive exam. We all read dictionaries to improve our vocabularies, but often fail to remember those words, sometimes we confuse and misuse one word to another. To get rid of these problems, I made a simple technique, by using which you will be able to remember the meanings in English Dictionary.

You can watch this technique from below video. Take any dictionary, read 10 to 20 words (depending on your capability) per day, try to visualize them using below technique, memorize your visualization 3 - 4 times, write them down on a paper before you are going to bed, and viola you will never forget them in your life.

Please let me know your views on this video. It will help me in making more. Happy Watching :)

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