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June 26, 2016

Common Errors in English Usage with Explanations - Part 18

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    • I had a long discussion by her.   (wrong)
    • I had a long discussion with her.   (correct)
      • Explanation : One has a discussion with someone on something. 
    • I am very grateful for your family  (wrong)
    • I am very grateful to your family.   (correct)
      • Explanation : One is grateful to someone for something. 
    • He was married with Natasha.  (wrong)
    • He was married to Natasha.   (correct)
      • Explanation : One is or gets married to someone. 
    • Copy this report word by word.   (wrong)
    • Copy this report word for word.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Word for word means 'in exactly the same way'. Word by word is not an informative expression. 
    • Give me a chair to sit.   (wrong)
    • Give me a chair to sit on.   (correct)
      • Explanation : One sits on (or in) a chair. By itself, sit means ' to cause to be in a sitting position'.
    • I have no pencil to draw.   (wrong)
    • I have no pencil to draw with.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Since pencil is used as an instrument for drawing, it must have a preposition, i.e., with to connect it to the verb. 
    • Don't interfere with my mother's affairs.   (wrong)
    • Don't interfere in my mother's affairs.   (correct)
      • Explanation : Interfere is always followed by the preposition 'in'. 
    • My father deals with guns.   (wrong)
    • My father deals in guns.   (correct)
      • Explanation : 'Deals in' refers to buy and sell whereas 'deal with' means 'to discuss' 
    • Many people died in fever.   (wrong)
    • Many people died of fever.   (correct)
      • Explanation : A person or an animal dies (i.e., stops living) of some disease. 
    • I read it on a magazine.   (wrong)
    • I read it in  a magazine.   (correct)
      • Explanation : The reference is to some content inside a magazine. 
    • What do you know of this accident ?  (wrong)
    • What do you know about this accident ?  (correct)
      • Explanation : We know about some event or have the knowledge of that thing. 
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