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June 04, 2016

Important Idioms for Competitive Exams : Idioms with Parts of the Body

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Dear friends, yesterday we have learnt Idioms related to Animals. To day we shall learn Idioms related Body Parts. Happy Reading :)
  1. I'll back you up in your suggestion (support you).
  2. This is more than what flesh and blood can stand (human nature)
  3. He shot the man in cold blood (deliberately)
  4. She made a clean breast of the matter (confessed fully)
  5. I always see eye to eye with my sister (agree with)
  6. Keep an eye on my luggage, please (watch)
  7. Don't trust him, he's two-faced (dishonest)
  8. She let the opportunity slip through her fingers (lost the opportunity) 
  9. My fingers are all thumbs today, I can't even tie up this parcel (my hands are clumsy)
  10. He has all the facts at his finger (knows them thoroughly)
  11. I just snapped my fingers at his silly rules (showed contempt for)
  12. He turned a deaf ear to my request (disregarded)
  13. In all the panic she did not turn a hair (remained calm)
  14. I don't care for his offhand manner (too casual in respect) 
  15. Lend me a hand with this heavy case, please (help)
  16. The two cars were involved in a head-on collision (direct)
  17. She is head over heels in love (completely, madly)
  18. He always loses his head in a crisis (panics)
  19. This student is head and shoulders above the others (far superior to)
  20. You can't teach him, he is too pigheaded (difficult to deal with)  
  21. His brother tries hard to learn but he's thickheaded (stupid)
  22. Success went to his head (intoxicated him, made him, the state of being too proud of yourself and your actions)
  23. Your cruelty broke my heart (made me despair)
  24. She is a woman after my own heart (idea)
  25. Her sister always wears her heart on her sleeve (shows feelings)  
  26. That boy looks down at heel (shabbily dressed) 
  27. When the policeman came the children took to their heels (ran away)
  28. We paid through the nose for this bread (paid an unfairly high price) 
  29. She turns up her nose at this kind of house (despises) 
  30. I greeted her, but she gave me a cold shoulder (ignored me)
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