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May 29, 2016

Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams - Set 4

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Dear friends, Here is the Fourth set of Important Idioms and their Meanings for Competitive Exams. You can read the Set 1 from hereSet 2 from here  and the Set 3 from here. Happy Reading :)

Idioms related to Go

  • Go along! You are treading on my feet (move forward).
    • treading meaning - to press something down with your foot
  • He has never yet gone back on his word (failed to keep his promise)
  • The days go by so quickly (pass)
  • This train goes by electricity (functions by means of)
  • That shop has gone down lately (deteriorated)
    • deteriorated meaning -  to become worse
  • The prices never seem to go down (fall)
  • His speech went down very well (was received)
  • He went for the doctor (went to fetch
  • He went for the burglar with a stick (attacked)
  • Shall we go for a walk, a drive, a run or a swim ? (go to have)
  • They went into the whole mater of political secrecy (investigated)
  • He is going in for medicine (making his career in)
  • Another atom bomb went off yesterday (exploded)
  • This meat has gone off (lost its freshness)
  • The baby went off to sleep at once (fell asleep)
  • Please go on with your work (continue)
  • She goes on at him until he leaves the house (talks angrily to him)
  • Put some coal on the fire or it will go out (die. Used for light and heat)
  • The tide has gone out a long way (receded).
  • He can be relied on to go through with the work (complete)
  • He says he can't go without his tea (sacrifice, accept lack of)

Idioms related to Lay

  • She has some money laid by in case of emergency (put away)
  • Those soldiers laid down their arms (relinquished)
    • arms meaning - weapons
    • relinquished meaning - to give up something
  • These soldiers laid down their lives for their country (sacrificed
  • He keeps lying down the law to me about my wifely duties (formulating dogmatically)
  • The house is ready: the water is already laid on (connected)
  • We laid out a lot of money on the garden (spent)
  • He was laid out by a blow on the head (knocked unconscious
  • They laid up a large store of coal (amassed)
    • amassed meaning - to get a large amount of something
  • She was laid up for weeks with influenza (confined to bed - passive only)
    • confined meaning - to limit / restricted to an area

Idioms related to Look

  • He was looking at the beautiful view (regarding; observing
  • Her grandmother will look after the children (take care of)
  • They look down on us because we haven't got a car (despise)
    • despise meaning - to feel a strong dislike for someone because you think that that person has no value
  • I'm looking for a new house (seeking)
  • She looked in just to see if we needed anything (visited in passing)
  • Will you look into the matter of the lost books ? (examine)  
  • He looks on my parties with disgust  (regards, views)
  • Look out! The saucepan is burning ! (be careful)
  • His work is looking up now (improving)
  • They looked up to this great man (respected, admired)
  • She looked round and saw someone following her (looked behind)
Shared by Bhargav Gupta Yechuri
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