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April 26, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 23rd April 2016

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Hai  Friends I'm Kani. Here I'm sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated April 23rd 2016. Happy reading :)

Topic 1 : "On going beyond 'Bommai'"

  • Verdict - an ​opinion or ​decision made after ​judging the ​facts that are given (Judgement)
  • Unconstitutional - not ​allowed by the ​constitution (= set of ​rules for ​government) of a ​country or ​organization
  • Dismissal - a ​decision that someone or something is not ​important / rejection
  • Unequivocally - ​totally or ​expressed in a ​clear and ​certain way
  • Endorsed - to make a ​public ​statement of ​your ​approval or ​support for something or someone
  • Ascertain - make sure of something
  • Merits - advantages
  • Contention - the ​disagreement that ​results from ​opposing ​arguments
  • Dissident - a person who opposes official policy
  • Legislator - a person who makes laws
  • Sting - carefully planned
  • Inducement - bribe
  • Perhaps - used to express uncertainty or possibility
  • Breakdown - a failure of a system
  • Controversy - a lot of ​disagreement or ​argument about something, usually because it ​affects or is ​important to many ​people
  • Symptomatic - showing the proof of something
  • Judicial - related to a law court or judge
  • Beyond - outside of the limit
  • Seminal - strongly influencing later developments
  • Restraint -  ​calm and ​controlled ​behaviour
  • Gubernatorial - relating to a governor
  • Discretion - the ​ability to ​decide something
  • Nay - used to ​introduce a second and more ​appropriate phrase in a ​sentence when the first phrase was not ​strong enough
  • Machination - secret plans / schemes
  • Incumbent - the holder of an office or post
  • Legitimate - allowed by ​law
  • Cobble up - to put something together carelessly
  • Mitigate - make (something bad) less serious or less painful
  • Cling on to something - to ​try very hard to ​keep something
  • Partisan - a strong supporter of a party
  • Manipulate - handle or control something in a skilful manner
  • Defection - to ​leave a ​country, ​political ​party, etc., ​especially in ​order to ​join an ​opposing one
  • Cynical - believing that ​people are only ​interested in themselves and are not ​sincere
  • Vitiate - to ​destroy or ​damage something
  • Severe - very great
  • Fetters - a ​pair of ​chains that were ​tied round the ​legs of ​prisoners to ​prevent them from ​escaping
Topic 2 : "Growing cracks in the U.S.-Saudi alliance"

  • Cracks - breaks in something, but it does not ​separate, but very ​thin ​lines ​appear on ​its ​surface
  • Alliance - a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations
  • Regional - related to a particular area of a country
  • Summit - a meeting between heads of government
  • Monarch - king, queen, or emperor
  • Rift - a serious break in friendly relations
  • Diplomatic - involving the ​management of the ​relationships between ​countries
  • Outreach - reach further than something
  • Allay - to relieve / reduce something
  • Concerns - worries
  • Contentious - controversial
  • Awkward - causing difficulty / hard to do or deal with
  • Riddled with something - if something is riddled with ​bad ​features, such as ​mistakes, it is ​full of them
  • Contradiction - a ​combination of words that is ​nonsense because some of the words ​suggest the ​opposite of some of the ​others
  • Embedded - attached
  • Enormous - very large in size / quantity
  • Turned sour - to be unsuccessful / to not develop in a satisfactory way
  • Mistrust - lack of trust / suspicion
  • Deepened - to become ​deeper
  • Declined - politely refuse
  • Regime - government
  • Collapse - sudden fall down of something
  • Likewise - in the same way / also
  • Vital - extremely important
  • Divergence - the ​situation in which two things ​become different
  • Stature - importance or reputation gained by ability or achievement
  • Shale - a ​type of ​soft, ​grey ​rock
  • Boom - a ​period of ​sudden ​economic ​growth, ​especially one that ​results in a lot of ​money being made
  • Abandon - give up / leave completely
  • Embrace - to hold something very closely
  • Soared - increased in a rapid leve
  • Ally - a ​country that has ​agreed ​officially to give ​help and ​support to another one
  • Underlying - used to ​describe something on which something ​else is ​based
  • Rebalance - to ​change the ​amount or ​level of one or more things in ​order to ​improve a particular ​situation

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