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March 01, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 1st March 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 1st March 2016. Happy Reading :)

Note : Click on the title to read the Editorial

Topic : "A message aimed at the heart of India"

  • Stung - annoyed (feel upset by something)
  • Alliance - a union or association formed for mutual benefit
  • Perception - the ​quality of being ​aware of things
  • Deficit - the amount by which something is too small (money)
  • Raft -  a ​large ​number of (a lot)
  • Cess - tax
  • Expressly - clearly
  • Pave the path for something - to make something possible
  • Outlay - an amount of money spent on something
  • To ensure - to make sure
  • Habitation - residence
  • Potential - the ability to ​develop, ​achieve, or ​succeed
  • Significant - ​sufficient / important
  • Multiplier effect - increase in final income
  • Hinterland - a ​part of the ​country that is ​far away from the ​big ​city ​areas
  • Noteworthy - worth paying attention to
  • Contemporary - existing or ​happening now
  • Indigent - needy person (poor)
  • Seek - to ​ask for help
  • Debilitating - making someone or something ​​weak
  • Laudable - deserving ​praise
  • Initiative - a new ​plan or ​process to ​achieve something or ​solve a ​problem
  • Underprivileged - without the ​money, possessions, ​education, ​opportunities, etc. that the ​average ​person has
  • Dignity - ​calm, ​serious, and ​controlled ​behaviour that makes ​people ​respect you
  • Macroeconomics - the branch of economics that studies the behavior and performance of an economy as a whole
  • Perspective - point of view
  • Flagged - highlighted
  • Flexibility - the ability to be easily modified
  • Mandated - gave (someone) authority to act in a certain way
  • Align - to arrange
  • Expansion - the ​increase of something in ​size, ​number, or ​importance
  • Contraction - the process of becoming smaller
  • Leverage - use (something) to maximum advantage
  • Squirrel away - to ​hide or ​store something, ​especially ​money, in ​order to use it in the ​future
  • Provident - making ​arrangements for ​future ​needs, ​especially by ​saving ​money
  • Provincial - the ​parts of the ​country that are not the ​capital ​city
  • Rural - countryside
  • Agrarian - relating to the ​land, ​especially the use of ​land for ​farming
  • Retains - continue to have something
  • Stance - a way of ​thinking about something, ​especially ​expressed in a ​publicly ​stated ​opinion
  • Engender - to make something happen
  • Harvest - the result of an effort or activity

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