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February 16, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 13th February 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 13th February 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Banks ultimately need autonomy"

  • Ultimately - finally (used to ​highlight the most ​important ​fact in a ​situation)
  • Autonomy - the power or right of an organization to be independent and govern itself
  • Often - frequently
  • Fulcrum - something that supports or sustains
  • Robust - Powerfully built
  • Prerequisite - a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen
  • Orbit -  range of control or influence
  • Scary -  causing fear
  • Appraisal - the ​act of ​examining someone / something in ​order to ​judge ​their ​qualities, ​success, or ​needs
  • Conspired - To join or act together to commit an illegal or wrongful act
  • Messy - (a situation) confused and difficult to deal with
  • Cobweb - Confusion
  • Comprising - consist of
  • Asset - an item of property owned by an organization
  • Vicinity - the area near or surrounding a particular place
  • Yielded - produced or provided
  • Fallout - the unpleasant effects of something that has happened
  • Stewardship - the way a ​person ​controls or ​organizes something
  • Camouflage - to hide something
  • Precipitated - to make something ​happen ​suddenly
  • Potentially - possibly (possibility of becoming something)
  • Legacy - an amount of money or property left to someone in a will
  • Persist - continue to exist
  • Articulated - able to ​express ​thoughts and ​feelings ​easily and ​clearly
  • Retrieve - to ​find and ​bring back something
  • Viable - capable of working successfully
  • Holistic - dealing with the ​whole of something (not just a ​part)
  • Inevitably - unavoidably
  • Arm’s length relationship - to not ​allow someone to ​become too ​friendly with you
  • Pump into something - to ​spend a lot of ​money ​trying to make something ​operate ​successfully

Topic 2 : "A wave of awe and opportunity"

  • Awe - a ​feeling of ​great ​respect (sometimes ​mixed with ​fear or ​surprise)
  • Ripples - a series of waves
  • Watershed - an ​event or ​period that is ​important because it ​represents a ​big ​change in how ​people do or ​think about something
  • Throws open - to cause to move with great force or speed
  • Symmetry - similarity
  • Acceleration - increase in speed or rate
  • Cataclysmic - sudden and ​violent
  • Collision - an ​accident that ​happens when two ​things (here  black holes) ​hit each other with ​force
  • Insight - clear and deep understanding
  • Merger - an ​occasion when two or more ​things ​join together to make one ​larger thing
  • Testimony - evidence or proof of something
  • Fittingly - in an appropriate manner
  • Giant - very big
  • Collaboration - the action of working with someone to produce something
  • Oscillation - to ​move ​repeatedly from one ​position to another
  • Determining - ​controling or ​influencing something ​directly (​deciding what will ​happen)
  • Unobstructed - clear and open (not blocked by anything)
  • Unobtainable - not ​able to get
  • Immensely - extremely (to a great extent)
  • Chirp - a short, sharp, high-pitched sound
  • Marvel - great ​surprise or ​admiration
  • Minutely - very ​carefully (looking at every ​small ​detail)
  • Vastness - the ​quality of being ​extremely ​big

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