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January 21, 2016

IBPS PO V Interview Experience - Arshu (Indore)

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Name - Arshu
Interview Venue : Indore, M.P. (Gujarati College)

Interview Date : 21st January 2016

Time : 8:30
The document verification started at 8:45. The process went smoothly, I had never paid attention on my application form where I wrongly typed the spelling of my mother's name. 
but saying sorry to the document checker it was not a risky matter anymore .the interviews were going in a rush where everyone was smiling after the interview.

My turn came at 11:45

I confidently walked to them.. wished everyone and took the seat after their offer .(after confirming my name)
m1- tell me about yourself
gave a confident reply but was a little fast he asked me to slow down a bit . just smiled to keep the environment cool and said sorry ..again started introduction.
(i worked for a public firm in Sikkim,so as expected)
m1- why Sikkim is recently in  news
answered about being declared as organic state

m1- what is organic farming

one cross question about my answer confidently answered it (he looked satisfied)

m2-lets come to banking part ..what have you studied
answered  (monetary policies, types of account...blah blah)

m2- tell me the types of account

m1- what is HUF

m2- who is karta and coparceners

m3- suppose a huf comes to ur bank ..which type of account you would suggest.

one more question (which i dont remember)to which i said- sorry i don't know

m2- you on technical background even with experience, why should we hire you
tried to say that old ghisa pita jawab (technical expouser)

m2-but for technical requirement we do AMC also hire specialist officer on those skill.. we dont want you to work on faults on technical side..(u have experience in VSAT network but we dont want u to repair the dish )
then agreed to their point but added i can help other employees also with my situation dealing experiences.

m2- ok on technical front , what is the difference in optical fiber and normal wire,

but he tried to confuse me saying no i think ye mechanism nahi h ..
i simply said i may be wrong but sir upto my knowledge this is the concept.

m3- y you left the job
tried to take them to job situation and finally ended up saying banking for me was a better option.and left the job for a better future

finally one last question form mam-
what types of credit does a bank provide
answered about loans,types of it, non fund based credit.

m1 and m2
ok you can go now

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