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January 21, 2016

My PO Interview Experience 21/01/2016 - Bharath Preetham (Hyderabad)

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Hi this is Bharath. I want to share my IBPS PO V Interview Experience with you all. 

My interview experience

Name : Bharath Preetham 

Venue : Andhra bank apex college, Hyderabad

Time & Date of the Interview : 8:30 AM 21/01/2016

Certificate verification done by 9:50 my interview started around 11:30

M1: what is your qualification where have you done?
Me: answered about my PG MCA from so and so college

M1: what have u done all this time after your PG?
Me: explained about my experience  which i have worked for 1 year and said resigned to concentrate more on bank exams as it is my aim.

M1: what is the relation between costumer and bank?
Me: said financial relationship, he asked again what will be the relation between a house owner and a tenant ? answered him as owner tenant relation so asked me to answer for bank and account holder then i said customer relation

M2: what are the types of deposits?
Me: explained demand deposits( savings and current) and term deposits( FD and RD) and about to say NRO NRE and FCNR, he said good and given chance other member

M3: what are the latest schemes introduced?
Me: explained about pradanmantri fasal bhima yogana and start up india briefly

M4: what is clearance house?
Me: said sorry no idea

M1:  say something about your home town?
Me: explained

M1: who is moulana azad?(my street name is the same)
Me: said he is a freedom fighter..don’t know much about him( actually i could not remember at that moment)

Said Thank you....wished them all and returned

No questions like introduce yourself, core subjects.

Hope done good...All the best  

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