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January 23, 2016

English Vocabulary from "The Hindu" - 21st January 2016

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Hi Friends, I am Kani. Here I am sharing English Vocabulary from Editorial section of The Hindu dated 21st January 2016. Happy Reading :)

Topic 1 : "Dealing with the slowdown"

  • Prevailing - existing in a ​particular ​place or at a ​particular ​time
  • Gloom - feelings of ​great ​unhappiness and ​loss of ​hope
  • Forecast - predict or estimate something (a future event or trend)
  • Turbulence - a ​state of ​confusion without any ​order
  • Volatility - being easily excited
  • Tandem - at the same ​time
  • Pare - reduce (something) in size
  • Underscore - to emphasize (something) or show the importance of (something)
  • Catalyse - to make something ​start ​happening or ​start being ​successful
  • Hasten - to make something ​happen ​sooner or more ​quickly
  • Emphasised - give special importance or value to (something)
  • vis-à-vis - in relation to something
  • Make a beeline - to move ​quickly and ​directly toward something
  • Prediction - a ​statement about what you ​think will ​happen in the ​future
  • Shot in the arm    - something that has a ​sudden and ​positive ​effect on something (​providing ​encouragement)
  • Headwinds - opposition
  • Wish away - to do nothing and ​hope that a ​problem will ​disappear
  • Oftentimes - on many ​occasions
  • Spillover - ​begins to ​affect another ​situation (in an unwanted way)
  • Volatility - ​likely to ​change ​suddenly and ​unexpectedly
  • Contracting - decrease in size
  • Wooing - to ​try to ​make someone to ​support you or to use ​your ​business
  • Coherent -  logical and clear
  • Slump - to ​fall ​suddenly  (​prices, ​values, or ​sales)
  • Mitigate - make (something bad) less serious /painful
  • Distress - a ​feeling of ​extreme ​worry, ​sadness, or ​pain
  • Dodge - to ​avoid something ​unpleasant

Topic 2 : "Polarisation in Malda"

  • Polarisation - the condiction where people become divided into different groups and fight with each other
  • Unleash - to ​suddenly ​release a ​violent ​force that cannot be ​controlled
  • Escalation - a rapid increase
  • Protest - an action expressing disapproval of or objection to something
  • Obscure - not ​clear and ​difficult to ​understand
  • Mob - a large crowd of people who intended to cause trouble or violence
  • Ransack - go through (a place) stealing things and causing damage
  • Breakdown - failure
  • Convulse - to ​shake ​violently with ​sudden ​uncontrolled ​movements
  • Agrarian - relating to the ​land, ​especially the use of ​land for ​farming
  • Thrive - to ​grow, ​develop, or be ​successful
  • Patronage - the ​support given to an ​organization by someone
  • Rampant - getting ​worse ​quickly and in an ​uncontrolled way
  • Ruse - an action intended to deceive someone
  • Arsonists - people who intentionally ​start fire in ​order to ​damage or ​destroy something
  • Sinister - giving the impression that something harmful or evil is happening or will happen
  • Ploy - a cunning plan or action designed to turn a situation to one's own advantage
  • Foment - to ​cause ​trouble to ​develop
  • Wield  - to have a lot of ​influence or ​power over other ​people
  • Hitherto - until now or until a ​particular ​time
  • Breach - an ​act of ​breaking a ​law, ​promise, ​agreement
  • Hegemony - the ​position of being the ​strongest and most ​powerful and ​therefore ​able to ​control ​others
  • Blatantly - intentionally (when this is a ​bad thing)
  • Recourse - a source of help in a difficult situation
  • Dog-whistle - an aimed political message which is intended for, and can only be understood by, a particular group
  • Consolidate - to become stronger or more solid
  • Subsequent - happening after something ​else
  • Prospect - the possibility of some future event occurring
  • Alliance - a union or association formed for mutual benefit (especially between countries / organizations / political parties)
  • Amply - sufficiently
  • Deliberately - intentionally
  • Ramp - increase the level or amount of (something) sharply
  • Riots - a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd
  • Deterioration - to ​become ​worse
  • Cynical - believing that ​people are only ​interested in themselves and are not ​sincere
  • Conflagration - a ​large ​fire that ​causes a lot of ​damage
  • Indictment - a ​sign that a ​policy, ​system, ​society, etc. is ​bad or ​wrong

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