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December 03, 2015

UIIC Assistant - Interview Experience 2015

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Name : Animator_saab (on disquos)


Date : 02/012/2015

Time : 10:00 AM

Qualification : BSc. (Multimedia and Animation)

I reached venue ½ hr before reporting time.  A Senior official said to ready with the documents. At first they told to arrange the Documents.

Documents Verification : All ok except Graduation Migration certificate\ Transfer certificate. Gave Undertaking, Will submit when I got selected. Nice, Polite and Supportive staff.

Computer  Proficiency Test : After verification I went for computer proficiency test which consists of Ms-Word(easy) and Ms-Excel (lengthy). One paragraph typing  one table need to be created within 15 minutes. Somehow I completed on time.. Exact in 15 minutes. :D Seriously is not as easy as everyone thinks. Plz learn Merge cell & Wrap text & Autosum feature of Ms-Excel.
The cpt guy is a IT officer in UIIC, Very nice person indeed.

Personal Interview : Panel consist of 2 men  and 1 lady   [M1 F M2]

I entered the room, wished them.

M2:what is your name? kya kiya hai graduation me ?

M2 asked about job.. asked about experience, how many days , salary, why left ? (back to back)

F: asked about Father work and about mother?
Me: told

F: Animation ka tho bohot scope hai . aajkal kafi movie me dekhne ko milta hai…
Me:I nodded .  and just like..  ab kya bolu :P  then samjha diya… hopefully samajh gayi ma’am (Supportive thi kaffi).

F: asked abt kyu choose kiya yeh course
Me: :D Mast solid answer chipka diya yaha tho… 

F:then asked use kaha pe hai animation ka

F:aur ?
Me:Again told

F:aur ?
Me:….Again told

F:…..aur ?
Me:Again told  (had hai peeche hi pad gayi..)

F:….aur ?
Me:Again told .. 
F: Accha, very nice J , Then M2 Interuppts

M2: Aur dost kaha hai phir..?
Me: told Koi MBA Koi GOVT job.. etc

M2: Where is nasik ? Kuch hua tha waha kuch din phele..?
Me sir, nasik is  in Maharashtra.  Sorry sir. At that moment yaad nhi aa raha.. he said kumbh mela.. I said Yes sir..dhyan tha but sir.. bus yaad nhi aaya..

M2: Poem yaad hai koi hindi ki.??
Me :  (abe yar itti tension me yaad aarahi hai poem) Sorry sir.. abhi yaad nahi , , Sir Hindi 10th tak phadi hai..

M2 : accha speeling batao… Psychology ki…  aur Recommend ki….
Me : Told.. but unhe samajh nhi aaya..

F: Accha lo likh do yaha ? (paper and pencil diya )
Me : hopefully theek hi likh di…. 
F : Dekha aur rakh liya aapne pass.  Accha

Then M1 Came into existence :D
M1: yeh FDI Suna hai. ?
Me yes sir, Told what is it.

M1: kitna hai??
Me: sir abhi 49% hai.. phele 26% tha

M1 : tho matlab agar 2 4 % aur bhad gaya tho ..  sab bekar yeh tayari.. yeh govt job….kyu..?
Me :  um..  dekha..  samjha  .. soncha…  aur bol diya..  Sir, job tho karni hi hai…. :D farak nahi padta ki fdi increase ho ya nahi..

M1: Gk tho phade hoge….  Hm… history ki bat karne laga..  tabhi M2 and F interrupts him :D :D Best part.. J 
Me: sir abhi bus banking and insurance related phadi hai…

M1 : govt ki kitni company hai…
Me Sir 4 general insurance and ek life insurance

M1: Aur
Me: Sir ek agricultural insurance company hai,..

M1: aur
Me: bus sir itni hi hai Baki sab pvt hai…

M1: Gic kya hai phir?
ME. Sir GIC ki hi tho subsidiary hai yeh Nicl ,Niacl , Uiicl, Oicl  (M1 happy face :D)
M1: kaha padha yeh sab.. itna sab kaisey jante ho. ?
Me :  Sir basic , General cheezain phadi hai Interview ke liye..

Then F : Accha theek hai… J
All : ha theek              

Me : thank you

F : Khush raho….               This is the line..     bus jiski wajah se kuch ummed hai.. :D :D

Conclusion :    question itnbi jaldi se punch rahe the wo… ki mind ek cheese pe concentrate na kar paye….   Answer ke half me hi interrupt kar de rahe the,,,..  overall nice experience.. 

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