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December 03, 2015

RRB OA Interview Experience - Saurabh Kumar

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NAME : SAURABH KUMAR (disqus: Upvoter Santa)

Background : B.A. HISTORY, 2014 Passout

Venue : Bihar Industries Association, Sinha Library , Patna

Date : 03/12/15 – PANEL 1

Time : 08:30-01:30

Interview lasted for only 7-10 Mins, Whole time consumed in document
verification, biometric, queuing.
Finally interview started around 01:20
Me: May I come in please?
They nodded yes aaiye.
Me: Good morning mam (facepalm) :p sorry good afternoon mam, good
afternoon sirs.
Board:Good afternoon,
Head : Baitheiye (sit down)
Head: your name, DOB . ? Me:Told.
Head: Apna intro dijiye(introduce yourself)
Me: started, told family background mentioned abt schooling, (M2
interrupted school ke bare me nahi jaanna hume , graduation bataiye
subsidiary subjects kya kya thi) me continued told abt graduation
subjects, also mentioned abt NCC as I hv completed NCC B&C
certificate, added I hv represented my coy. And college in various
activites .
They discussed abt NCC Certificates.
Head: Patna ki Chauhadi bataiye(tell me nearby districts of Patna)
Me: told partially nd said sorry unable recall other dist. Name
Head: Patna ke 5 Eastern districts ke naam bataiye. Me: told partially
Head: are aap NCC se hain aaplogon ko to MAP acche se dekhne aata hoga.
Me: yes sir, but sorry sir I’m unable to recall the names rightnow
M1: Banks ka nationalization kab-kab hua? (When banks where nationalized)
Me: sir 1st nationalization in 19July 1969 and 2nd nationalization in
15April 1980
M1: Banks ka nationalization kyu hua? (Why Banks were nationalized)
Me: explained, Head told good.
M1: RBI establish kab hui?
Me: 1April 1935
M1:RBI ka Nationalization kab hua?
Me: 1949
M1: NPA batao
Me: started but fumbled here. Head: thik bata rahen hain dhire dhire
bataiye hadbadiye nahi.
M2: sir ye book se ratta laga ke aye hain esliye jaldi jaldi bata
rahen, kahin bhool na jaayen.
Me: 
M1: WTO Kab bana Kyu bana?
Me: told , wasn’t sure abt the establishment year1945/1948??
M2: RajaramMohan Roy ka kya contribution hai? Me: Told
M2: Shersah Suri ka kya contribution hai? Me: Told
M2: Bharat ke administration ko 3 Part me divide kiya gaya hai naam bataiye?
Me: KaryaPalika, Nayapalika, Vidhhaika
M2 passed to Head, Head passed the baton to F1
F1: Papa kya karte hain
Me: Teacher hain
F1: Posting kahan hai?
Me: Sonpur me
F1: Sonpur Mela ke bare me bataiye. Me: told
She said OK.
Head: Ok bahut acche. Thik hai jaaiye.
Me: Thank you sir, have a nice day.
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