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November 23, 2015

IBPS RRB OS 1 Interview Experience - Sandeep Verma

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Name : Sandeep Verma

Date : 16/11/2015

Education : M.Pharmacy

Place : Kapurthala, Punjab

Time : 1 PM

Panel : II

After document verification and biometric analysis my number came at 3:05 PM (I was the first person fron my panel for interview).

There were 5 persons in interview room (4 males and 1 lady). As I entered the interview room I greated them warmly and then the female member told me to sit. Now started the actual interview:

Lady: Tell me about yourself?
Ans: I started with myself that My name is Sandeep and basically I belong to Himachal Pradesh but for the past 5 years I have been living in Chandigarh with my family. Then I shifted my gear towards my education and work experience and narrated everything at one go. It took 4-5 mins for my Intro and they didnt interfere me in between.

Lady (once again with most anticipated qstn): You are from pharma (I have been working in a pharma company)/pharma background, aap hamare kis kaam aa sakte ho?
Ans: I explained that I have got some virtues which can be very helpful to banking Industry like interpersonal skills, ability to learn new things and leadership qualities.

Lekin woh mam thoda khush nazar nhi aayi and fired a situational qstn.

Lady: suppose I am a client. Now convince me to open an account in your bank?
Ans: (I was prepared for this:))maine apni chair apni right taraf towards mam ghumai and started. This was our conversation for next 4-5 mins:
Me: Hello mam!
Mam: Hello
Me: please have a seat and btaiye kya logi aap chai, coffee yaa thanda?
Mam: no thanks!
Me: mam, I have a very good plan for and if you....then she interfered me and said suppose aap mere ghar aaye ho ab kaise convince kroge? This is the exact copy of conversation took place between me and mam.

Me: hello mam, I am Sandeep from Gramin Bank hamari phone pe baat hui thee.
Mam: yes, show me your ID?
Me: jee jarur, if you need any other document please let me know
Mam: no, thanks
Me: mam, mere pass ek savings plan hai, if you have time to shall we start,
Mam: no thanks, I already have one
Me: koi baat nhi mam, aap use bhi use kijiye and hame bhi service kaa mauka dijiye. I am sure you will get the best  service from our side. Bhale hi aapko same interest rate mile but service aapko best milegi anytime.
Mam: aap ghar aake acct khulwa doge?
Me: yez mam, anytime!
Then she said ok and dusre panel members ki aur ishara kiya.

Now started the rapid fire round for next 5 mins:

M2 : do you play any game?
Me: yes sir, cricket and Squash

M2: last cricket 50-50 world cup kahan hua thaa?
Me: sir, Australia

M2: which team was the winner?
Me: Australia

M2: kisko haraya thaa?
Me: New Zealand

M3: last olympic kahan and kab hui thee?
Me: sir I am not sure, I would like to make a wild guess. It was held in 2012 and place I dont know.

M2 (once again): india ki cricket ODI me current ranking?
Me: sir, 2nd

M2: top pe kaun hai?
Me: Australia

M2: test me top pe kaun hai?
Me: Sir, South Africa

M2: India's position?
Me: sir, 4th

M2: T20 me India's positiin?
Me: sorry sir I don't know.

M2: t20 me top pe kaun hai?
Me: sorry sir!

M2: I think its Sri lanka, I am myself not very sure.

Me: thank you sir for the information.

M4: which is the higest civilian award in India?
Me: sir, Bhart Ratna

M4: recently kisi cricketer ko mila thaa?
Me: yes sir, Sachin Tendulkar

M4: Last year kise mila?
Me: Sir Atal Vihari Bajpayee and ..he interpted me and asked Sachin ko Bhart Ratna ke time controversy kyun hui thee?

Me: explained ki sport kaa provision nhi thaa isme. He seemed satisfied.

M5: koi former prime minister hain jinke 100 rupees notes pe signature hai?
Me: sir, Dr. Manmohan Singh

M5: bhala kyun?
Me: when he was RBI governor

M5: hhmmm, very good.

M4(once again): what is financial inclusion you used while conversation with mam? (I used this word while my conversation with mam)
Me: explained

They seemed satisfied.

Then M2 asked other members if there is any question,  they said no then he said okay Wakhra Swag, all the best!

Main chair se utha sabko thank you bola and chal pda tabhi happened an interesting thing.  Jaise hi me door ke pass phuncha M2 asked "Sandeep, just a minute". Main peeche muda (sochte hue ab kya ho gya). He said (in cheerful mood), "aapne madam se nhi pucha ki woh khata khulwayenge aapke bank me?". I asked, " yes mam, whats your opinion? "  she laughed and said jarur. All laughed and I once again wished them and bahar nikal gya.

My advice to all aspirants:
1. Jitna ho sake gather I Information about your hobby and sport you play (in my case unhone cricket se related kuch nhi choda but I was well prepared)

2. Use words/phrases wisely during interview. Wahi words/phrases use kren jinki aapko achchi knowledge ho. Maine jaanbujhkar financial inclusion use kiya thaa and as anticipated unhone wahi phucha the only banking question.

All the best guys!

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