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October 08, 2015

Success story of IDBI Executive

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Hello all  m p!n!<.. :))   here m writing this post to tell u about my success story of being IDBI Executive  it my first PSB i achieved it after many failures in written n first attempt in interview which make it so much special for me 

Even the smallest of thoughts have the potential to become the biggest of successes… all you have to do is get up and get going

So lets start from starting during my school days i was a bright student .. my percentage were always good which made me topper many times.. after 12th  i opted  to do engineering ..  During my college days my marks got slip.. anyhow i manage to b in top 10 in my class. Completed my BE with ECE in 2012 with 76% (honours ) with zero backlog in my entire engineering.

Now the life starts with no placement from college having good marks i always found its useless.. my parents show faith on me n ask me to join GATE classes.. literally i had little interest but i do that coz i had no other option because again my parents were not allowing me to go Bangalore(out of state )
for job search... i too got convince thinking  at least i had 1 more year for preparation.. may b i can do where i don’t want to..  i had studied by joining coaching.. hmmm.. may b dint..i failed in that attempt.. totally blank.. what i will do next... i then accept my interest is not on technical side coz job opportunities are less and m nt that so brilliant.. i started preparing for non tech exams... coincidently i cleared 2-3 exam,, bt didn’t go ahead of low written marks n dnt gt cal for interview....

After that  my parents wish come back to home n study... i thought what would my friend n relative think of me..  i started doing  college lectureship  job just to fulfill my expense.  then i realized its difficult to sails on 2 boats during a time bt nyhow i complete my 1 year there by  thinking iv l cover it soon.. things get disturbed. I left it after 1 year before SBI PO 2014 and SBI CLERK 2014.. PO didn’t go well.. i had no hope.. i had hope with clerk.. then i started coaching for banking and LECTURSHIP in college both  agn i started with a hope i will make this time... again all written result ruined  me by 4-5 marks in each n evry xam.. sum where i accept Bank JOB  is not my cup of tea.. i cried daily.. where this life leads to me.. i stop talking to my friends...  I started my PG course (only to fulfil my gap ) again in march something very disturbing happened with me which turns out 2 be good 4 me.. i left my job in march 2015 ..i stared my preparation with full determination  after that i appeared 4 SBI PO PRE in june.. secured  41 MARKS N GET OUT OF RACE...

I  became sad that day coz literally i had work hard...after 2 days on 11 july I appear for idbi executive with only with few hopes. Paper went well bt i don’t comment anything that time as i knw anything may happen.. then on 21st july  my result came.. first time i saw congratulations msg blink 4 me.. phle yakeen nh hua.. it took me 10 min to believe i cleared written.. aaj b feel hota hw much i was happy that time... then i wrote LIC ado ON 25 th july.. I gave my IDBI interview on 18 aug in Ahmadabad.. when i returned from there.. on 19th (Wednesday ) i got mail that i cleared my lic ado written  i was literally so happy  so happy than i can b ever in my 3 years after my college life  I had hope  l vl make it to final list in IDBI  as my interview went very well  now during ganeshji festival i got my first job in PSB 

I hope i can make to the final list in IBPS PO  i like to give thanks to my parents for always understanding me no matter how many wrong decisions i took in my life.. my sis.. my fmly  GR8AMBITIONZ.COM  for giving me platform where i learnt many things.. I came across this site during my interview preparation.. i go through several tips n notes provided on this website 4 my interview preparation, they helped me lot during my interview preparation as i cleared it in my first interview attempt  Thank you all my friends ty for ur immense support  i pray for you all GR8AmbitionZ readers so that all of u will become banker soon  atb guys  no matters how long it takes to you, how difficult it to reach ur goal u have to stand firmly for it  ur life is alone not needs too much sacrifice from you, there are many more who are sacrificing more than u can think 

Success comes to those who have the will power to win over their snooze buttons.”

Thank you 

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