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October 20, 2015

SBI PO 2015 Success Story - Sagnya

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Dear friends,
      I am Sagnya from Bangalore. I have cracked SBI PO 2015 and want to share my experience with fellow aspirants.Hope it helps. :)

        The banking examinations test mostly speed and accuracy. So I figured rather than enhancing the knowledge about questions that you can answer, one must first master the skills for selecting the questions which can take lesser time to answer accurately. This skill will provide you an edge in the competition.

 My Interview/ GD was on 19th Sept , 2015 in Bangalore. 10 - 12 candidates were in my group.

GD Experience
TOPIC was - Joint Family hindering individual growth .
The Chairman of the board selected the sequence in which candidates spoke .Everyone was given 2 mins .After that 20 mins were given for open discussion. Almost all spoke articulately apart from small digressions from topic.

Interview Experience
Chairman- What is the meaning of your name?
                   Describe your volunteering experience? (Hobby)
                   Why quit Infosys?
                   Bank job has transfers so will it not hamper family life?
                   What is the single biggest problem of banking sector today?
M1- have you faced gender bias in Infosys?
        What is glass ceiling?
        Why old age homes increasing?(Followup from volunteering questions)
M2- In IT cell of bank who are your customers?
        What are internal customers?
M3- Describe Nirbhaya incident with repurcussions?
       Then few follow up questions on J S Verma Committee
M4- Mutual fund - what is it? How risk are shared etc
M5 - Difference between govt job and bank job profile?

90%  question answered. Attempted 119 qs in Mains. 

Hope it helps to plan ahead. All the Best all :)

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