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October 24, 2015

Normalised score card IBPS PO V Prelims

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Hi This is Ram.

Many people are wondering how they could get more marks than actually attempted number of questions. For eg, a person might have attended only 46 questions but would have got 48. This is because the questionnaire are of different difficulty levels in each of the 16 shifts of the prelims exam and the scores are manipulated using equi-percentile method which is clearly mentioned in the advertisement and your scores are based on the relative performances of other candidates in your shift.
People please don't be over confident if you had got 80+ marks because you might have scored around 50-60 in the difficult questionnaire and be prepared for the big one where there is less chances of normalisation or only a little bit of normalisation since there is only two shifts for the main exam unlike the prelims.

So don't make assumption of anything on the Main exam and be prepared well and also manage your time accordingly. And my score is 60 :) and I attended 74 questions. All the best.

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