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September 16, 2015

September 2015 : Expected Current Affairs Quiz - Set 2

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World Coconut Day is observed on ?

Which country on 2nd September 2015 has proposed amending its laws to share information with foreign countries probing tax crimes on the basis of ‘stolen data’?

___________ will be the first African city to host the Commonwealth Games after being confirmed
as the venue for 2022.

Google Inc. unveiled a redesign of its iconic logo on 1 September 2015. In which year search engine giant  google started its operations ?

The Sports Ministry has recently decided to recognize ________________ as a sports discipline and place it in the 'Priority' category.

The “Buchi Babu Memorial Trophy” is associated with which sport ? 

Buchi Babu Memorial Trophy in an annual tournament held in honour of Mothavarapu Buchi Babu Naidu, who is considered to be the father of _______________

Which team recently won the Buchi Babu Memorial Trophy in the All India invitation cricket tournament ?

Mumbai defeated TNCA XI by six wickets to win Buchi Babu Memorial Trophy. Expand TNCA ?

In a major step to rejuvenate the energy sector, the Cabinet on 2nd September has approved MFP. Expand MFP ?

The MFP policy will enable auctioning of unutilized fields of ______________ and ________________

The petrolium minister of India is _____________________

Which state government of India launched One Stop Centre “Sakhi” to help women in distress ?

What is the full form of AMRUT ?

Senior IAS officer Raghav Chandra has taken over as the Chairman of the NHAI. Expand NHAI

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