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September 15, 2015

Railway Budgets 2014 and 2015 - A Comparison

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Hi I am Sadanand Tiwari, a competitive exam aspirant from Madhubani (Bihar). I have already posted the comparison between Union Budgets of the years 2014 and 2015 (you can read that post from here). Today I am sharing the Comparison between Railway Budgets of the years 2014 and 2015. All of you know how important this is for competitive exams.  So, Happy Reading :)

Comparison of Railway Budgets 2014 & 2015

Rail Budget 2014-15
Rail Budget 2015-16
Was presented by, Sadananda Gowda on 8th July 2014
Was presented by Suresh Prabhu on 26th February 2015
It was promised that 4000 women constables will be recruited to ensure safety of women and nearly 17,000 Railway Protection Force (RPF) constables to provide safety to passengers.
This year it has been assured new jobs will be created for the masses as the predicted total investment is of 850,000 crore for over the next 5 years.
This was the first Rail Budget presented by any Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) Minister  and it was also the first rail budget introduced by Sadanand Gowda
This was the maiden budget presented by the current Rail Minister Suresh Prabhu
It was promised that new escalators, toilets and seats will be built on all stations across India
This time it has been promised that 17,000 toilets will be replaced by bio-toilets primarily stressing on the concept of CLEAN RAILWAYS
It was assured last year that food courts, water facilities and a separate housekeeping wing will be introduced at 50 important stations.
This year it has been promised that the Indian Railways have allotted 67% more funds for passenger amenities like water facilities, more general class coaches will be added to select trains. The Railway Minister this has again promised that a separate department will be created to takecare of cleanliness.
It was declared last year that new CCTV's will be installed to monitor cleanliness activities and security issues.
This budget a 24*7 helpline will be launched with effect from  March 1, 2015 to deal with the grievances of the people, pertaining to train reservations and delay issues.
Last year it was assured that the E-ticketing system will be improved to support 7,200 tickets per minute and to create a platform for 1,20,000 simultaneous users.
The Minister assured  that the total track capacity will be boosted  by 14% to 1,38,000 kilometers.
Railways was in dire financial crunch last year and as per the interim rail budget 2014-15 Railways were in losses to the tune of 26,000 crores, due to these reasons the Modi government increased railway passenger fares by 14.2 percent and freight carriage charges by 6.5 percent.
This year however the rail fares have not been increased primarily because of reduced petrol and diesel prices.
The focus has primarily been on improving basic facilities for the passengers and providing them with high end transportation services
462 kilometers of railway track was electrified in 2014-15
This year Prabhu assured that 6,000 kilometers of track will be electrified
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