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September 20, 2015

LIC ADO Interview Experience - Anbarasi (Tamil Nadu)

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Hi, this is Anbarasi from tamil nadu sharing the experience of LIC ADO INTERVIEW ON 18/09/15.   I  was 3rd person to attend the interview in the afternoon session. Before attending the interview I was really fearful to face it but actually it was very smooth.

I entered into the interview hall and I wished every one. They told me take seat.

 There were 3 members in the panel - 2 male and 1 female.

Male1: Tell about urself
me:      I told
Male1: Tell me 3 points which why you think you are fit for LIC ADO?
            Do you some other work experience?
            Why you are searching job in finance sector?
            How many districts are there in tamil nadu?
            What is the name of newly formed district in tamil nadu?
            What are the two types of motivation?
             What is the bank rate now?
             Did you contact any agent or LIC offices to enquire the job of LIC ADO ?
              Tell some rivers flowing in tamil nadu?

 Male2: How many insurance companies are there?
            Tell some insurance companies
            Who is karl marx?
             In which year non cooperation movement took place?
             Tell about make in india . When it srarted?
Female: What is brand in marketing?
             Which bank  is the head of rural banks?
    I hope I had  answered their questions well.a

            All the best 

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