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September 05, 2015

GK QUESTIONS ASKED IN IBPS RRB 2015 OFFICER SCALE - 1 ( 5th September 2015 Morning Shift)

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General Awareness Question Asked In IBPS-RRBs-OFFICER SCALE - I Exam (Morning Shift - 5th September 2015):
1.Gorumara National Park is located at?
2.DICGC is Subsidary of?
3.Aravalli mountain range spread across which states?
4.The river that flows across vijayawada capital of AP?
5.India's Population is ______% of world's population? 6.Repo,ReverseRepo are _____ instruments?
7.Brad Haddin is related to which sport?
8.Who is current chief minister of Jharkhand state?
9.Punjab National Bank is an Indian financial services company based in?
10.The International Atomic Energy Agency's headquarters in?
11.World Vegetarian Day is observed annually on?
12.What is the Capital of Egypt?
13. 'Smart Humsafar' Launched by?
14.Currency of Thailand?
15.Largest State in India in terms of area?
16.Non European Country member of CERN?
17.2015 Ramanujan Prize?
18."Dhanchayat" launched by?
19.What does stand for "S" in RTGS?
20.which of the following denominations not come under KVP?
21.La Tomatino Festival Celebrated in?
22.RanbirKapoor Brand ambassadaor of?
23.In BRICS bank of 100billion contribution of china?
24.No of cities selected under AMRUT scheme?
25.Sponsor Banks stake in RRB's?
26.Amount Sanctioned for National Infrasructure and Investmentment Fund(NIIF) in budget 2015-16?
27.World information technology summit 2018?

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Thanks to Sai krishna lokesh for the update

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