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August 23, 2015

Important Questions for IBPS RRB CWE IV (Officers & Office Assistants)

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Hi friends I am Madhusudhan from Vizag (Andhra Pradesh). As the IBPS RRB CWE IV is approaching, here I am sharing some important questions about Regional Rural Banks. These will be helpful for you in upcoming IBPS RRB CWE IV Officers and Office Assistants exams. All the Best :)
  • Which committee has recommended to set up Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) ? 
    • Narasimham Committee in the year 1975
  • What is the Ownership ratio of stakeholders in the RRBs? 
    • Central Govt-50%,State Govt-15%,Sponsor Bank-35%.
  • Who regulates RRBs ? 
    • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD).
  • What is the total Number of RRBs as of Now? 
    • 56.
  • Which Indian States don't have any RRBs as of now ? 
    • Goa & Sikkim.
  • At Present how many states are having state level RRBs? 
    • 7 (Seven).
  • The Regional Rural Banks (Amendment bill 2014) increased authorized capital from Rs. 5 Crore to ? 
    • Rs. 2,000Crore.
  • The first fully Computerized RRB in the Country ? 
    • South Malabar Grameen Bank (Malappuramnear Kozhikode).
  • Minimum Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio (CRAR) of RRBs which they have to maintain ? 
    • 9%.
  • Presently how much Budget provision for recapitalization of RRBs ?
    • Rs.15 crore.
  • RRBs are Classified as which type of Banks ?
    • Commercial Banks.
  • The Combined Capital of the Centre, State Govt and Sponsor Banks will not come down below ? 
    • 51%.
  • RRBs are formed by which act ? 
    • RRB Act.1976.
  • Committee for Recapitalization of Regional Rural Banks headed by ? 
    • KC Chakrabarty.
  • When was the first RRB set up ? 
    • Prathama Grameen Bank on 2nd October 1975.
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